Monday, October 24, 2011

Want to Help & Heal Others, but tripping yourself? Learn from Wendy's Mistakes!

Wendy was called as a healer-becoming, when she turned 30, and quickly became a much-appreciated healer.
BUT, she also started 'taking-on' other's pain and brokenness - even more than she had before! 
She did not have healthy energetic boundaries.
She did not understand the deep importance of letting others be responsible for the trajectory and outcomes of their own life...

But, she did learned the consequences of these missteps Very Well. 
She experienced the emotions, energy, illnesses, and brokenness of others, within her own system - experiencing almost every malady of her healees. and more...
Wendy quickly went way beyond burn-out to succumb to a syndrome of chronic illness, stuck in pain & fatigue for over a decade, and bed-ridden for years!

It wasn't JUST taking on other's energy that brought her down. 
It was the unprocessed trauma and abuse from her earlier life, as well as the deep pain, fear and invalidation... that were hidden within, like a time-bomb released when she said YES to a whole new level of operating as a healer in the world.

The usually unappreciated news of being a Healer:
the First, Last, and Middle step is ALWAYS self-healing.
The GREAT News is:
As we heal and transform ourselves, we heal and transform our world.
It is Amazing how much change happens around us, just as we BE more and more ours true selves, and DO more and more our true path!
At 40, with increasing well-being, having learned to powerfully heal and create in her life, as well as safely assist and inspire others to do the same; she began investing in her life’s work in a whole new & powerful way:  serving soul evolution.

See here for more about how she did this: