Saturday, August 30, 2014

Meditation & Healing Circle: "Let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me" Sept 4, 2014. East Windsor, NJ

We will:
  • Encourage our vibration to rise and the blessing of peace to increase, within ourselves, and in the world.
  • Allow shifts that release uncomfortable energies, within ourselves, and in the world.

If I want to shift the world, I have to choose shift within me first, not them.
I very strongly believe this consciously, and I experience it spiritually.
I mean to live it.
If you do too, come experience spiritual practices that support us to actively allow peace to be stronger and more real within ourselves, in our lives, and in our world.

Shalom, Wendy

Meditation & Healing Circle: "Let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me"
Thursday, September 4, doors open: 6:30-9:30pm; circle is 7-9pm
private home in East Windsor, New Jersey

We will gather to support each other spiritually, and to add our healing energies and intentions for ourselves, our world, and our planet.

Beginners as well as advanced meditation & spiritual practitioners are welcome.
Freewill donations gratefully accepted.

We will learn and practice inner tools that assist us to:
  • Connect with our body and this reality, but not be overwhelmed by it.
  • Engage the truth of ourselves, our lives and our world; in a neutral, spiritually focused way.
  • Invite delicious healing energies from the Universe, for ourselves and those around us.
  • Let-go of energies, thoughts, feeling, habits that no longer serve.
Apply these tools to serve ourselves and our world!

In this meditation, you have the opportunity to:
  • Learn ways to actively choose to shift energy within you and around you, to make a real difference in the world.
  • Share, if you choose, your experiences a couple times during this session; but mostly you will
  • Quietly enjoy letting go and experiencing your inner world.

Doors open 6:30 and close 9:30 - plan to come early or stay late for a personal energy tune-up.
Please bring a snack to share before and after circle.

Please contact me for address.

Please register your interest on Facebook or send me e-mail

woo hoo!

If you are new to my practice, and want more information - check out:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools: Fridays, starting September 12, 2014, in Seattle

Let go of your week, and start your weekend with a Bang!
6 Friday evenings starting September 12th, 7-9pm, Lower Queen Anne

Drag in, Dance out!
After class, with more insight, joy and empowerment...
go home and rest after your long week OR... go out and DANCE!

In this amazing 101 class, in just 6 weeks you will:
  • Validate and utilize your own spiritual information, more easily.
  • Learn the basic techniques that can comfortably and safely support your own Meditation, Healing, Spiritual Deepening, and Developing your Soul Senses / Psychic Opening. 
  • Probably be surprised by how fun and easy this Adventure can be!

I began my soul training a dozen years ago, to heal myself.
I got so excited about how much my body and my life changed, I HAD to become a teacher and share this amazing work.

Find out more:
Opening psychically, deepening spiritually, inviting healing & creating
Sit comfortably in chairs: learn, practice, share...
  • Feedback from Beginning Students: many folks find they:
Gain simple, useful skills to help you focus and quiet.
Relax, be comfortably yourself, know you are valuable.
Enjoy fellowship, play, grow intimate with your classmates.
Learn in a safe, amused, non-judgmental validating atmosphere.
  • About Wendy, Healer, Soul Transformation Facilitator, Meditation Coach and Psychic Trainer

Come Play for 6 Friday evenings starting September12th:  7 - 9 pm, 
Sept 12th – Oct 17th, 2014in Lower Queen Anne 
$270 (early bird $250, if send at least $30 deposit by Sept 5th)

Money-back Guarantee!
If you invest in this program - participate in each class, practice meditation at home at least a little bit each day - and if you do not experience shift within you and in your life - we will completely refund your money.

Space is limited, please register ahead and we will send you directions & parking information. 

send checks to:
Wendy R Wolf
The Blue House
700 Warren Ave. N.
Seattle, Washington 98109

OR register online - Scroll down to Psychic Tools 101

Contact me with questions:
in life, Wendy 

What can I get from Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools classes?

I have been sharing Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools class with hundreds of people, since 2005.
Taking a class just like this, changed my life forever;
and I am still ridiculously enthusiastic about sharing these amazing spiritual tools with others.

I have noticed a trend over the years.
There are 3 main reasons people tend to participate in Tools classes:

1) they want to comfortably and safely open up to their soul / psychic information:
    learn to turn up (and/or down) their soul senses, so they can consciously function at full spiritual strength and ability.

2) they want to deepen spiritually, move along their unique path of soul evolution:
    deepen spiritual relationships with their body, the earth, their connection to the Divine, and All of their Relations.

3) they want to heal... and create new experiences, within themselves & in their world:
    transform their body, life, relationships, finances, vocation, creativity, empowerment…

Folks tend to come for some variation of the reasons above - and folks tend to get Far More than they bargained for! 

Participants tend to see true shift within them, and in their outer experience, over the course of the first month!
In the long-run, participants tend to open to ALL of the above and more.

If you are interested in opening psychically, deepening spiritually, or inviting healing & creating - please come and give it a try!

See here for: What to expect in Intro classes.