Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Question: Can you read the future?

I do not choose to read the future for folks, because I strongly believe in free will:

1) I do not want to program you to succumb-to or try to avoid a certain outcome that I might happen to see in your potential future.

2) I believe we can Always Spiritually Choose - energetically change direction and therefore our outcome.

3) I believe the best way to predict our future is to actively, powerfully, consciously co-create it (as the authority we are in our own space, our own life ; )

Here is what I DO offer - together with you, I can:

1) Look at where you are now and the intentions, energy, momentum you have now.  i.e. If I see you going west, if you keep going, it looks like you will eventually end up in the water… unless you shift course.
Often I will see outcomes in terms of percentage, what I notice about your current chances of this or that. Keep in mind, there are A LOT of factors affecting us - including the behavior of others and events in the greater world…

2) Assist you to heal, spiritually change;
Shift course, habits, inertia;
Let-go of limits, lies, programming, emotions, beliefs
… to make what you want more possible for you and what you don't want less inevitable
(turn the Titanic ; )

3) Look at who you are, your unique path, and support you to actively co-create who you wanna be, what you wanna do, where you wanna go…

More about our free-will:
  • I don’t believe agreements during or before this life are unbreakable.
  • I don’t believe the momentum of our choices or karma (reaping what we have sown) before or during this lifetime is unbreakable.
I do believe our lives are:
  • ALL about healing, change, learning, growth transformation; 
  • ALL about being in charge of ourselves and our life - having Dominion; 
  • ALL about our Choices, as spiritually maturing actors (not re-actors), victors (not victims)
I do believe free will - getting it back, and applying it - is absolutely central to what we are here to learn, to mature-into, to enjoy in this world.
Therefore, I believe it is essential to:
  • Stand (more and more) in the place of: "IT doesn’t happen to me, I happen to it!"
  • Utilize this free-will muscle we are growing; to choose to Align- with, be fed-by, be led-by our Source - our Light, our Truth, our Life, our Unique Way.  (or NOT! :)
People will read your future.
But not me!
I believe I provide services that are much more useful than that.

Meanwhile, I hope you find the kind of assistance, that best serves you.
in life, Wendy


Saturday, November 14, 2015

An Abundance of Gratefulness - Shared Wisdom

An attitude of gratitude creates blessings.
-- Sir John Templeton

The enlightened give thanks for what most people take for granted.
As you begin to be grateful for what most people take for granted,
that vibration of gratitude makes you more receptive to good in your life.
-- Rev. Michael Beckwith

When you feel grateful, you become great, and eventually attract great things.
-- Plato

Many people are waiting for prosperity.
It cannot come in the future.
When you honor, acknowledge, and fully accept your present reality
- where you are, who you are, what you are doing right now -
when you fully accept what you have got,
you are grateful for what you have got,
grateful for what is,
grateful for Being.
Gratitude for the present moment and the fullness of life now is true prosperity.
It cannot come in the future.
Then, in time, that prosperity manifests for you in various ways.
-- Eckart Tolle in The Power of Now

When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.
-- Anthony Robbins

Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life
actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life.
-- Dr. Christiane Northrup, Author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom

Be grateful for what you have;
you'll end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don't have,
you will never, ever have enough.
-- Oprah Winfrey

We can never bring anything to us unless we are grateful for what we have.
In fact, if somebody was completely and utterly grateful for everything,
they would never have to ask for anything,
because it would be given to them before they even asked.
That is the power of Gratitude.
-- Rhonda Byrne

If you are in the Seattle Area, I am offering a wonderful immersion in Abundance, Havingness, and Gratefulness:
Thanksgiving Healing Circle: Having Gratefulness, Sharing Abundance (Meditation)
Come Play!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Where we trip IS our Treasure: DIG!

Sometimes our Healing, Learning, Growth, Transformation…
takes a Giant Leap.
We say a BIG YES and magic happens, we are blessed, the stars align - and our lives move forward.

Sometimes our healing is easy, fun, fast, miraculous.
Usually we progress incrementally: slowly-we-turn, step-by-step, inch-by-inch.

This is no mistake.
It isn’t a failure on our part, it doesn’t mean our Source is not Mighty or we are not Dedicated or Worthy…
We have Not Failed!

Our Journey toward who we already ARE,
our attainment of the Contributions that are already ours to offer,
takes Time, takes Attention, takes Intention.

On the way
  • we HEAL from the wounds and the chains that have kept us down;
  • we GROW through the barriers that held us back; learning to leap the hurdles we used-to avoid;
  • we learn to SHINE our light, the Light; to truly BE ourselves, as well as BE the difference we want to see in the world.

And in this PROCESS, we discover Blessings and Glory beyond our wildest dreams.
Under our wounds and chains, beyond our barriers and hurdles:
  • We find lost-parts of ourselves.
  • We find lost abilities, senses, connections - both spiritual and physical.
  • We allow-in wisdom, insights, and true knowing.
  • We allow-in connection, confidence, charisma.
  • We discover the Light in the Darkness, is within us - always here.
  • We discover the One we have been waiting for, IS US - here, now - in partnership with our Source.

In this slow PROCESS, we receive the Dark Gifts... of Healing, Growing, Shining.
And we are So grateful-for these gifts!
Although we wouldn’t wish this Horrible path - the Horrors we lived, and faced, and conquered to get here - on our worst enemy!

And yet, on the other side of the darkness, when the day dawns
the Blessings of the Dark Journey start to be seen
we Are the Light, and we ARE Grateful.

That’s what I have found, for myself and others,
When we don’t Heal in a snap, when we are stuck and stopped:
There is a reason: there’s gold in them there hills!

Where we trip IS our Treasure.
Start Digging!
Don't stop until you are blessed.

Best to you on your unique Healing Path!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Romantic love is a kind of preamble to the real thing

It is always shattering when romance begins to fade and problems mar our fantasy of perfect bliss.
But the days of romantic love are always numbered; this is nature’s design. 

Romantic love delivers an important message:
if you can figure out what it is that your partner secretly needs, the two of you can feel like this forever. 
In a way, romantic love is a kind of preamble to the real thing,
a foretaste of what you will experience
when you have negotiated the mine field of the power struggle and come out into the clearing of real love.

The passion of romantic love is based on fantasy and fueled by expectation,
whereas the passion in a conscious relationship is rooted in our memories of our healing experience with our partners. 
Romantic love is a time bomb; sooner or later, the explosion comes. 
But this is a part of the overall process.
The end of romantic love heralds the beginning of deeper spiritual evolution.

…Loving the Reality of my partner is the door to my own spiritual awakening.

(I would say *A* door, but whatever ; )
This is my favorite page, so far, in this wonderful book, I am slowly reading through:

Couples Companion: Meditations & Exercises for Getting the Love You Want: A Workbook for Couples by Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt

I have been a big fan of the Imago work by these folks for decades. 
Imago has given me great insight and practices in my intimate relationships.

Monday, July 27, 2015

{Guest Post} Certainty in our Soul/Psychic Information

{Guest Post by Kammy Pietraszek}

Knowing / Feeling are the clairs that I rely upon and trust the most 

- though it is and has been an ongoing journey / practice. 

Knowing / Feeling can be tricky to express to others - especially if you are not confident in yourself and/or your intuitive gifts 
- because they can't be "proven" to those you are reading for with pictures or clairaudience, which for some reason gives the readee more confidence in the information you are receiving. 

I've been asked so many times: "How do you know that?" 
And the only answer I often can, in truth, give is: 
"I don't know. I just know." 

When your info hits up against big resistance in a readee 
they can easily dismiss what you say 
if you do not own it and have certainty in your information

In dismissing your info, the readee dodges that pesky psychic info/healing bullet 
(even if that's what they've consciously told you they want) 
and the reader may receive invalidation energy if they are not: aware, in seniority, and clearing their own pictures. 

Over time I've learned that the only way to not end up constantly questioning my own information, and end up in the above situation is to learn to trust myself FIRST 
for no other reason than because I am in alignment with Source and with my highest self

And then I must get off my ass, and off my high horse, and be VIGILANT about being in alignment with Source and my highest self - ha! 

At the end of the day trust in myself and my own information is the only thing I have when all else has failed

You can "prove" your Knowing / Feeling info to yourself over time if that's what it takes by:
  • constant conscious awareness of your energy and the energy of those around you, 
  • not relying on others for validation (often it's when you are right-on about something that you will be invalidated the most), 
  • not getting reliant / addicted / caught up in the validation of others (this can easily pull me out of neutrality and humility, which ultimately pulls me out of alignment with Source and my highest self), 
  • research and perhaps even keeping a personal "certainty building" journal that can be looked at later to help build the case for yourself that you and your Knowing / Feeling info CAN be trusted. 
Then after all that BS, let it go, forget about it, and get on with your life. 
That's when the magic usually starts happening for me. 
Good luck!

{Guest Post by Kammy Pietraszek


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Is allowing the spiritual experience of love a challenging process?

Allowing the spiritual experience of love - Being love - is for many of us a process;
an often challenging process.
We could let it be easier… but we usually don’t ; )

Meanwhile, many of us can just let-go and BE Love a little bit more, right now!
We can allow ourselves to experience the Love that we Are, the Love that IS:
  • In our Bodies: the love that Flows in and through us;
  • As spirit - the love from which we come, in which we live, and to which we inevitably return…

Most of us can say Hello to the spiritual frequency, the song, of Love
in our conscious spiritual experience right Now,
even if only a shadow of the full-mind-blowing experience that is possible.

Some of us are so blocked, it is hard at first. 
But most of us can visit this place (this spiritual experience / focus / consciousness of Love)
- even though many of us are not ready to live there, full-time.

Most of us are not trained or supported to invite / allow this spiritual experience, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t available.
Many of us are merely unskilled in accessing the experience of love spiritually/directly
- this is why learning and practice can make Such a difference for most of us.

Blessings on your path of Love,

Read more: posts about Love


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I: You are already a Spiritual Reader, Creator, Healer, Leader... so why is life so hard?

You are already a Spiritual Reader
You have inner leadings and intuition, you receive soul information - to see, hear, know, feel the truth within you.

You are already a Spiritual Creator
You are manifesting your experiences - inside and outside yourself;  co-creating your body, your life, and your world.

You are already a Spiritual Healer
Your presence matters - you are loving, supporting, serving, helping to make your world better - just Try to stop you!

You are already a Spiritual Leader
You are teaching others by who you BE, what you DO, how you are moving forward in your life - in the face of many obstacles.

You are already a Spiritual Reader, Creator, Healer, Leader... Look out world!
What more could you want, could you need?
Well... for most of us, that isn't the case:
Many of us are flying Blind.
Our spiritual eyes, ears are closed to the very info we need to thrive.  We are unclear about the Energetic Information that is right there at our fingertips.  Someone (them? us?) was afraid of us seeing the truth, didn't like us marching to our own drummer - so we accommodated, we shut-down. 

Some of us are Hiding.
We are inundated with too much input!  Overwhelmed with our own and others emotions, energy, expectations...  We need to turn-down the volume - but instead we have turned it off.  We can learn to comfortably let life Freely Flow around and through us, but instead we contract.

Most of us aren't Shining like we could be.
We are hiding from our pain as well as our joy, from our Light, as well as our Darkness...  We believe the lies that we aren't good enough, don't deserve, should shut-up. We step off the 'stage' and hide in the 'wings'.  Then we ask: Why am I Always the Bridesmaid, but never the Bride?

A lot of us are, well, Stuck.
We are not letting Life and Energy Flow.  We are in Resistance.  We are worn-out by our own habits, and our isometric exercises - fighting ourselves!!  We have had too much of the pain, depression, trauma; we have had too much of the anxiety, worry; we've frozen.  We've fallen and we can't get up.

This was my experience, above.  This is my experience, below:

My clairvoyance opened up spectacularly about 20 years ago - but I couldn't control it, and I saw a lot of scary things!  I had been a big empath since I was young, trying to protect myself in an abusive home - it didn't help.  My spiritual information didn't seem to help me.

I was called as a healer about 20 years ago - but, although I could help others feel better, I only felt worse. I ended up with almost every malady of the massage clients that I helped to heal.  I meant to protect myself, but had not a clue what that really meant.  I was a Healer who couldn't help myself.

I spiraled down into years of chronic illness, bed-bound often, house-bound for years.  Nothing I tried made me better.  I was in terrible pain, no energy, and had layers and layers of symptoms that I could only see getting worse before I finally, horribly, mercifully died.  I was Mighty Stuck. 

But, of course there is more ;)

Things turned around for me when I started doing a type of meditation that helped me shift, helped me utilize my spiritual senses, helped me talk to my body, helped me consciously connect with my Source, helped me let-go of fighting myself and Life as it is, helped me take charge of my life!

I started these practices over a dozen years ago: Everything inside me and outside me in my life shifted dramatically - some faster than others.  I got so excited that I started sharing that meditation, those soul practices, and other people's lives started shifting as well. 

I will share one opportunity to participate in our next training, in the next blog, right below this one.  But really, there are many pathways to transformation.  I implore you: DO NOT STOP until you find a path that works for you, whatever it is, and then Keep Going!  Because life is Awesome, you can savor it.  And the world needs you, we all need you to Thrive so you can make your own Unique contribution!

You are already a Spiritual Reader, Creator, Healer, Leader...
life is Delicious beyond your wildest dreams!  

Let it Be So,


II: You are already a Spiritual Reader, Creator, Healer, Leader... so Get Plugged IN - NOW!

(this post builds on previous, see here)

As a Spiritual Reader:
You can consciously open in a safe-container, and learn control of this psychic information, so you can consciously be your authentic self, open to your true path, serve in your own unique way…

As a Spiritual Creator:
You can deeply heal and get into alignment with the flow of Life.  You can have clear vision and free-will;  consciously and powerfully be the Captain of your Destiny.

As a Spiritual Healer:
You can safely and comfortably make an even wider & deeper difference in this world, you can give and heal others from a foundation of your own self-care, ease, grace, and empowerment.

As a Spiritual Leader:
You can multiply your positive influence, inspire each person you meet to their highest potential, as you allow heavy darkness to fall-away and let your Light to Shine!

Are you ready? If so - Get Plugged IN!
  • Receive Inner Tools, Distinctions and Support
  • Find you Power, your Brightness, where you Belong...
  • BE yourself, ENJOY your Path, SHINE Your Light!
We offer a series of classes that assist you to:
  • Own your abilities,
  • Leverage your intention,
  • Feel comfortable in your skin, and
  • Make the difference only you can make in this world.

All of these opportunities start here:

    Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools - we call it Psychic Tools 101.
    We have one more Intro Class starting before the Summer Break 2015.

Are you ready to Get Plugged IN! NOW?
  • If so, plan for 6 Wednesday Evenings --  7 - 9 PM (June 17th - July 22nd), near Seattle Center.
  • Or, if you would like a taste of this class before you commit!  Come as my guest on Wednesday, June 17th at 7pm.

    Please contact me with questions or to register at e-mail,  206-853-8603.

    See You Soon!!

    PS  These kinds of opportunities build on this intro class:
  • Healing Hands - learning how to give Aura Healings, powerfully heal yourself and safely assist others…
  • Astral Workshop and Retreat - learn how to access the power of your dreams and out-of-body experiences…
  • Clairvoyant Awareness Program - a longer program where we open to reading and assisting others on a soul level - psychically…
  • Spiritual Teaching and Leadership Program - a longer program where we open to BEing the change we want to see in the world… 
  • Advanced Healing Program -  a longer program where we open to the many facets of Spiritual Healing, starting with ourselves and going form there...
  • and much more!   SO Get Plugged IN! NOW!  

Monday, April 13, 2015

What does Trust look like?

Question Asked:
What does trust look like in the different areas of your life:
relationships, work, money, spirit, other?

My answer Today:

For me Trust is a vibration, a spiritual gift.

For me, it looks energetically a lot like
Validation, Truth, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Certainty, Faith, Healing that is an expereince of our Wholeness... vibrations.
Add a little miracle energy and it looks like Acceptance!
(I define these somewhat specifically, you can see here for how I use these exciting words)

For me, Trust energy is not about what They DO, or how the World Occurs,
it is a fruit of spiritual nurturing that grows, and I allow to flourish - through me, and those around me - when I say YES to Life.

Physically, Trust looks a lot like
letting go, breathing, allowing
not frozen in fear,
not re-living past horrors, not worrying future catastrophes.

Relationships, work, money, life when I let in Trust,
it looks like ease and grace
...Mmmmm, Yummy.

When I don't let in Trust, it looks like
pushing my weight around, and
missing the mark, a lot
...Ahhh, Not Yummy ; )

For so long
I didn't Trust anyone, or anything - not really, not Down-Deep
(And I am Still Healing Deeper and Deeper Here ; )

But, after some Really Crappy Stuff went down with my Partner... and a Lot of healing after that.
I have started to own that the trust doesn't lie "Out-There" with the Other person, place, thing.
Trust can only reside within Me... or not.

Can I Trust my partner?
Turns out, I had the emphasis all wrong!
It wasn't Can I Trust my PARTNER.
It was CAN *I* trust my partner.

When *I* am in the Blessing of Trust;
Then, my world,
my relationships with people, places and things,
my life is IN Trust vibration.

I expereince a Whole Different World,
which is an entirely different expereince than when I reside in UN-Trust.
From this distrusting place, NOTHING is Ever Right, Comfortable, Safe, Count-on-able...

My INTERNAL experience Completely changes, depending on which vibration I am living-in.
AND, depending on which vibration I am living-in and creating-through in my life - extraordinarily divergent EXTERNAL outcomes manifest into the world.

I like my life A LOT more, when I allow Trust to Shower upon me, grow within me, and Flourish in my world...
(And so do the people around me, you can imagine I am a bit easier to Be With ; )

What does Trust look-like, feel-like, show-up for you?

in life, Wendy

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Q&A: How do You personally define Abundance?

Question Asked: How do You personally define Abundance?

My Answer, Today:

I define Abundance (the energy /vibration /spiritual gift and the conscious spiritual practice of allowing this IN)
as the incredible richness, energetic possibilities of the Universe, of the Earth, of this earth-game;
as wild, wide-open, limitless opportunity;
as the waterfall of blessings from our Source, that we are all, always within
... but often limiting /resisting.

So, Do I let that Abundance IN, or not? a little or a lot?
I believe this is determined by many factors, especially by Havingness.

I define Havingness, (the energy /vibration /spiritual gift and the conscious spiritual practice of allowing this IN)
as the ability to allow-in the Goodness:  what I have wanted, what I already Have, what I need.
Havingness is a YES to the abundance that IS.
It is opening the door when the UPS driver comes to deliver what I asked-for, ripping open the box, and playing with the contents.

Can I enjoy what I Have? A little or a lot? Briefly or ongoingly?
I believe this is determined by many factors, especially by Gratefulness.

As a soul healer, from my expereince of a lot of these energies over time, I have come to define Gratefulness (the energy /vibration /spiritual gift and the conscious spiritual practice of allowing this IN)
as the ability to BE WITH what IS.
I can enjoy, access, integrate... what I can fully be-with.

What I believe is a really interesting side-note:
I notice this Gratefulness vibration (for me) is (usually) the same color as many other energies which are also BEing with What IS, including:
  • Validation = the Truth (especially of how Awesome we/they/it is).
  • Certainty = trusting my expereince of what IS.
  • Faith = holding onto what Certainty helped us expereince, over time - through the dark night.
  • Healing that is by Knowing/Re-Accessing/Remembering the Wholeness that IS, that we/they/it IS.
  • Forgiveness = same as Gratefulness, same as all these - coming to the place in our soul, where we can BE With what IS.
All these vibrations, to me, usually look the same, but have slightly different flavors /tastes /textures.
  • (A closely aligned energy) Acceptance - often occurs to me as the vibration above, with a little Miracle energy in it... and it is a Potent energy, indeed. 

I know you just asked about Abundance,
but as most people understand /expereince Abundance, these 3 vibrations and practices sum up how I would generally define the expereince/process:

  1. Noticing I am at the best buffet ever: ALL is a Gift (Abundance).
  2. Filling up my plate, my fork, my stomach, my cells; integrating/assimilating nutrition & energy: I allow what I can have, within me, now (Havingness).
  3. Savoring the deliciousness of this expereince, and enjoying the results of these nutrients and empowerment in my body and in my life and in my world: BE/DOing Yummy Thank You (Gratefulness).

In conclusion:
I cannot say enough
- this is not a physical conversation, information, practice.

First and foremost, these
energies /vibrations /spiritual gifts I am speaking about;
and the conscious spiritual practice of allowing this IN these blessings;
These are a soul practice.

Spiritually, the fruits that flow into our conscious expereince, our bodies, our lives and the world around us...
these are Blessings pouring from Spirit into our physical reality. 
Enhancing the joy and goodness and possibilities of our lives, in both our spiritual and physical experience.

Thanks for asking, it was useful for me to think that through, and write it out.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, March 2, 2015

When you Heal Yourself, you Heal the World

I am blessed to be half-way through Empowerment & Self Care for Healers series in Seattle, with an amazing group of budding Healers.

I was just writing some encouragement to them about a really important point, and I thought I would share it here:
  • it can be called Self-care
  • it can be called Heal yourself First
  • it can be called lots of things, but whatever we call it, it is central to being a powerful, capable, sustainable healer/giver/helper/lover:

Put our Own Oxygen Mask on First.
If we do this, we can help others.
If we don’t do this, not only can we not sustainably help others; but things will go badly for us.
So, let's live to help another day!  Let’s put our Own Oxygen Mask on First.

IN ADDITION:  When they see us put on our oxygen mask they get modeling and permission to do it themselves!  Everyone around us shifts, become more capable, their needs are met more.
To shift metaphors: THEY learn to FISH, they don't need Our fish!

In the first class, I shared the illustration of:
Fill our own cup: let the Earth fill our cup, let the Universe fill our cup, let Life fill our cup, let our Source fill our cup!

When we allow our own cup to fill up, and to overflow - we can Always Be Full... and from that place of full to overflowing, we can always be giving/helping/loving/healing... with Ease - from the overflow!

If we refuse to fill our own cup, and instead pour out to others from our own cup - we will always be thirsty, and striving... always.  The giving will COST us.

When I am thirsty, I am always Looking around for water, Taking water from whoever has it, Complaining about no water.
I become an anti-healing in the world, because I am empty, needing - I can not serve others, the world, my Source, my calling... Because I have no time - because I have to find water; and I have no energy - because I am dehydrated!

IN ADDITION: when they see us fill up our cup, they get modeling and permission to fill up their cup themselves!  Everyone around us Shifts, become more Capable, Their Needs Are Met more.  THEY learn to receive within, from the Earth, from the Universe, from Life, from their Source.  They don't need Our water, they are drinking from the Living Water that flows from within each one of us!

Jesus said love others, AS you love yourself.
If we want to love and serve others,
we MUST love and serve ourselves…  let the Earth, the Universe, Life, our Source love and serve us…
If we want to Big love, Big serve, Big help, Big heal others;
then we Must allow/invite being Big loved, Big served, Big helped, Big healed ourselves…

IN ADDITION: when we fill up with love and self-care, we not only allow love IN, more and more we BE Love in the world.  Not only do the people we want to serve get modeling and permission to Allow Love IN.
They energetically learn how to BE Love in their world.
And THEN their friends, family, workmates get a taste of this Love habit too - and so on, and so on...
We send a ripple of Love and Care out through the world... a ripple that has no end.

I say this in dozens of ways in class,
I hope we all hear it, and then BE it, deeper and deeper:
When you Heal Yourself, you heal the World.

in life,