Sunday, October 18, 2015

Where we trip IS our Treasure: DIG!

Sometimes our Healing, Learning, Growth, Transformation…
takes a Giant Leap.
We say a BIG YES and magic happens, we are blessed, the stars align - and our lives move forward.

Sometimes our healing is easy, fun, fast, miraculous.
Usually we progress incrementally: slowly-we-turn, step-by-step, inch-by-inch.

This is no mistake.
It isn’t a failure on our part, it doesn’t mean our Source is not Mighty or we are not Dedicated or Worthy…
We have Not Failed!

Our Journey toward who we already ARE,
our attainment of the Contributions that are already ours to offer,
takes Time, takes Attention, takes Intention.

On the way
  • we HEAL from the wounds and the chains that have kept us down;
  • we GROW through the barriers that held us back; learning to leap the hurdles we used-to avoid;
  • we learn to SHINE our light, the Light; to truly BE ourselves, as well as BE the difference we want to see in the world.

And in this PROCESS, we discover Blessings and Glory beyond our wildest dreams.
Under our wounds and chains, beyond our barriers and hurdles:
  • We find lost-parts of ourselves.
  • We find lost abilities, senses, connections - both spiritual and physical.
  • We allow-in wisdom, insights, and true knowing.
  • We allow-in connection, confidence, charisma.
  • We discover the Light in the Darkness, is within us - always here.
  • We discover the One we have been waiting for, IS US - here, now - in partnership with our Source.

In this slow PROCESS, we receive the Dark Gifts... of Healing, Growing, Shining.
And we are So grateful-for these gifts!
Although we wouldn’t wish this Horrible path - the Horrors we lived, and faced, and conquered to get here - on our worst enemy!

And yet, on the other side of the darkness, when the day dawns
the Blessings of the Dark Journey start to be seen
we Are the Light, and we ARE Grateful.

That’s what I have found, for myself and others,
When we don’t Heal in a snap, when we are stuck and stopped:
There is a reason: there’s gold in them there hills!

Where we trip IS our Treasure.
Start Digging!
Don't stop until you are blessed.

Best to you on your unique Healing Path!