Saturday, April 9, 2016

I get pulled-back, every time I try to move forward...

Has anyone experienced this... You make a big huge life commitment or a promise to the universe, then every possible thing that could challenge you to fulfill that commitment/promise immediately shows up. Is there a name for this?

As a healer, I call it the Rubber-band Effect.

Steven Pressfield calls it Resistance.

In relationships, Harriet Lerner calls it Counter-moves or "Change Back!" reaction.

No matter what we call it, this push-back is a gift -
to show us where we are still energetically hooked, at the last step;
even while we lean-into the next step.

These re-actions from all sides, help us attend-to, heal, let-go of the old consciousness, the old limits, the old energetic habits...
So we can dance into our new life, with ease and grace.