Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Savor, Share the Fruit of Your Life!

the Fruit of Our Life!  

When we are Ourselves, Aligned with our Source, we come to our own Unique Fruition:

It is like we are each different kind of tree, and when we come to fruit, our world is blessed in ways it would never be otherwise... and so are we!

Peach trees make peaches and pear trees make pears. They don't have to try, they just do.
They make them in their own season, so it is important to allow for the timing to flow.

Don't put the cart before the horse!
It is a mis-step to force service, fruit-on-demand.
Let's allow ourselves to grow up from the darkness, into the Light, into our fullness/potential - where we Naturally bear amazing Fruit!

Soul Fruit
Most folks who practice SoulTech, tend to enjoy these blessings, along with many others:

Freedom: permission to BE and to DO as your choose, get All your Free will back to apply as you see fit.

: BE in the driver's seat of your body, your energy and your life.

Certainty: BE centered in your Own spiritual information, abilities & connection with Spirit.

Power: BE filled with your spiritual energy and will to create as you desire.

Neutrality: BE free in the face of your body impulses and information (such as emotions, survival or sexual impulses, etc) as well as intellectual and judgment.

Amusement: BE playful, light, joyful, easy in the healing/growing dance with the Divine.

Some Fruit of BE-ing Our Potential

In our Inner Life... and the Rest of our Lives, we can open to our Soul Evolution:

BE... our True Self:  coming to our Unique Wholeness/Fruition (see more about Teleos).

SHINE... our Beautiful Light:  connect with All Our Relations.

DANCE... our Unique Journey:  embrace our spiritual path with each step.

LIVE... our Direct Body & Spirit Truth: delight in our body, our senses and the gift of life on this sweet Earth.

CELEBRATE... our Oneness with The Beloved
:  savor the gifts and Presence of God.

Blessings on your Unique Journey!
- Wendy