Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Question: Can you read the future?

I do not choose to read the future for folks, because I strongly believe in free will:

1) I do not want to program you to succumb-to or try to avoid a certain outcome that I might happen to see in your potential future.

2) I believe we can Always Spiritually Choose - energetically change direction and therefore our outcome.

3) I believe the best way to predict our future is to actively, powerfully, consciously co-create it (as the authority we are in our own space, our own life ; )

Here is what I DO offer - together with you, I can:

1) Look at where you are now and the intentions, energy, momentum you have now.  i.e. If I see you going west, if you keep going, it looks like you will eventually end up in the water… unless you shift course.
Often I will see outcomes in terms of percentage, what I notice about your current chances of this or that. Keep in mind, there are A LOT of factors affecting us - including the behavior of others and events in the greater world…

2) Assist you to heal, spiritually change;
Shift course, habits, inertia;
Let-go of limits, lies, programming, emotions, beliefs
… to make what you want more possible for you and what you don't want less inevitable
(turn the Titanic ; )

3) Look at who you are, your unique path, and support you to actively co-create who you wanna be, what you wanna do, where you wanna go…

More about our free-will:
  • I don’t believe agreements during or before this life are unbreakable.
  • I don’t believe the momentum of our choices or karma (reaping what we have sown) before or during this lifetime is unbreakable.
I do believe our lives are:
  • ALL about healing, change, learning, growth transformation; 
  • ALL about being in charge of ourselves and our life - having Dominion; 
  • ALL about our Choices, as spiritually maturing actors (not re-actors), victors (not victims)
I do believe free will - getting it back, and applying it - is absolutely central to what we are here to learn, to mature-into, to enjoy in this world.
Therefore, I believe it is essential to:
  • Stand (more and more) in the place of: "IT doesn’t happen to me, I happen to it!"
  • Utilize this free-will muscle we are growing; to choose to Align- with, be fed-by, be led-by our Source - our Light, our Truth, our Life, our Unique Way.  (or NOT! :)
People will read your future.
But not me!
I believe I provide services that are much more useful than that.

Meanwhile, I hope you find the kind of assistance, that best serves you.
in life, Wendy