Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Einstein: mystic? agnostic?

I experience Einstein as a kind of mystic, and a kind of agnostic.
Since I also identify in those areas (although my perspective is different from his).
I have a lot of appreciation for his balanced perspective.

He wasn't all-or-nothing,
in the false dichotomy of spiritual and physical experience, 
religion and science - in an eternal, un-resolvable wrestling-match.

I have come to know that
one can sniff-out a whole lot of Truth and a whole lot of Life, 
in between the opposites.

I hope you check out these links, if this conversation interests you
.. maybe meditate over them:

2 pages with lots of quotes,  with opinions:
Albert Einstein: God, Religion & Theology - pantheist perspective.

Einstein on God and Religion - skeptics perspective.

And here is another page, pure quotes: Albert Einstein Quotes on Religion and God.
A page that addresses the mis-attribution of Einstein, to this wonderful quote:
The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
and this one mis-attributed as well:
Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.
Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.
Blessings on your unique journey.

BTW - I happened to novice in my web-journeying, a book available on web (I haven't read it ; )
Max Jammer:  Einstein  and  Religion


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Empowerment & Self Care for Healers (with a side of LOVE ;)

I get really excited each time I get to share the Healing Hands class series.
Perhaps you might get excited about this series, too, after you read this:

If you are a Big Healer, Helper, Giver, Lover…
Then this class can help you shift your life, to be easier and more fun!

To Learn and Practice,
Powerfully and Sustainably
to healing, growing, shining as well as active co-creation for yourself, others, and the world...
Moving all forward in spiritual evolution.

Empowerment & Self Care for Healers, offers you the chance to:

- Shift how you operate in the world to be more comfortable while at the same time,
- Offer amazing assistance to others on their journey, and
- Reorganize where you stand, and how you operate in the following areas:

  • Allowing Healing, Growth, Transformation of yourself While you are assisting others - finish FULL, not Empty!
  • Spiritual Healing is done by your pure intention – no heavy-lifting required!
  • Utilizing healing and creative energies, not ego, effort or force.

  • 4 Distinctions about being in the healing game.
  • 5 Particularly Useful Healing Energies/Practices.
  • Many Core Spiritual Tools - SoulTech - Reviewed. 

  • Working together with Spiritual Healing Masters
  • to help you shift the energy that effects inner and outer expereince and co-creation in the world, 
  • as well as specifically shifting the energy that helps shift the body. 

  • What is Spiritual Healing? 9 distinctions about how we heal.
  • What is illness, from a spiritual perspective? Includes 7 contributors. 
  • 11 Healing Practices.

  • Walk away with Spiritual Healing Tools, to allow an inner expereince of Wholeness, Freedom, Presence... that will serve yourself and others for a lifetime!  
  • Learn to offer 'Aura Healings': energy-tune-ups to assist other's relationship with Earth and Cosmic Energy & Flow; Chakra Cleansing and Balancing, etc.

Best to you on your Unique Path!!
- Wendy

FYI, a bit about me:
I was called as a Healer 21 years ago.
I have been teaching and supporting healers since 2005.
I specialize in teaching other healers and spiritual leaders, and assisting them to heal - inside and out!

I love teaching and I love healing.
I am especially Passionate about teaching healing!
It is a really fun, active class; interspersed with meditation and sharing.

FYI, a bit about this series:
The next series begins in Ballard, Wednesday evenings, 21 September 2016. 
We will have a special focus on LOVE.

Prerequisites required: Tools 101, or you can learn what you need to start, if you begin soon.
Contact me for more info: e-mail, 206-853-8603.

See Logistics page.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Empowerment & Self Care for Healers

Basic Healing Training Includes:
  • Training & Practice to offer safe & powerful Spiritual / Energy Healing, utilizing earth & cosmic energy.
  • Working together with Angels, Ascended Masters & Healing Masters.
  • Fundamentals of Self-care, so you can comfortably serve yourself, Spirit and your clients for a lifetime.
  • Dozens of SoulTech Inner tools to powerfully leverage Healing in your life and safely assist in the lives of others.
  • Learning to utilize and enjoy more than a dozen particularly useful Energies to support Healing.
  • 11 Practices that create a Healing Environment.
  • 9 distinctions about how we heal: What is Spiritual Healing? 
  • 7 contributors: What is illness, from a spiritual perspective?
  • 5 Distinctions: BEing healing in the world.

The outline above is 15-30 hour course, depending on how deep you want to go, and well-practiced you want to be.
I have and I can offer shortened Empowerment & Self Care for Healers workshops for Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Energy Healers...  from 2 - 6 hours.
Of course, longer is better!  But something is much better than nothing!  ; )

Advanced Healing Training: Advanced Healing Program, Opening to Soul/Psychic Information & Abilities, Conscious Creating, and Powerful, Safe Spiritual Teaching all builds from here!

Founder, Wendy, a Soul / Psychic / Energy / Spiritual Healer,
brings a good deal of training, life expereince, 'clinical experience', and spiritual wisdom to the table.
But, ultimately, Spirit leads the way.

Want to read more?
Try: Learn more about SoulTech Healing
and Developing Your Soul Senses & Spiritual Abilities