Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Marketing vs. Reality

Are you having Fun?     Are you in the Flow?
Are your Relationships Juicy?     Is your Life Working?

Turn ON!    LIVE Who you ARE. 
DISCOVER What you can DO!

If you couldn't fail.    If you left your pain & fear behind: 
What would you DO, Who would you BE?

Powerfully Embody & Express your Unique Potential

Wait a minute! back up...
Sure, who wouldn't want that?  But:
  • Doesn't everyone promise health, wealth, love and happiness -
    IF we just buy their product? Follow their script?
  • HOW do we do this?
  • WHY is this different from all the other change-your-life offerings?
  • WHAT makes this time different? This ministry different?

1)  Let's be clear: this ministry, this healing & transformation path,

This adventure is not for everyone  (is this Adventure for you?)

2)  If you choose to go within and Shift - the amazing thing is:

We have TOOLS that WORK!  (will they take you where you want to go?)

Tools like these are GOLD!
Our team utilizes Soul Technology - Spiritual Levers.
We utilize these tools & practices to shift our own internal & external lives in Amazing Ways,
and we invite you to do the same.  (Read more about Tools that Work)


Marketing vs. Reality - we offer far more than you bargained for.
Poke around the site and the blog, as much as you want.
Then please be in touch, for a free taste of what we offer:
Join our newsletter,
Experience the Shift for yourself in a complimentary workshop or personal session...
find out what is possible for YOU.
in Life, Wendy

Transformation Workshops: Heal! Grow! Shine!

I generally offer 2 workshops in Seattle per month:
1) basic meditation workshops, with a specific theme
2) meditation workshops with an Ascended Master

I tend to be in NJ 3 times per year, for a couple weeks - and offer workshops there, usually on request.
I schedule at homes, businesses and organizations by arrangement.
I am working on an online workshop schedule as well.

Below is a list of some of my past workshops - to give you a feel for the kinds of workshops I offer.
Most of these subjects will come around again. 
If there is something here that is particularly interesting, let me know.
I may be able to offer it again soon OR we can talk about offering it to your group.

Best, Wendy

Basic meditation workshops, with a specific theme - for example:

Forgiveness: Not by might nor by power, but by Spirit
Accepting What IS: Key to Loving our Lives, AND Creating Change
The Easy Way or the Hard Way: Choose!

God-of-Your-Heart: Clearing Your Direct Relationship with Spirit
Align with God - Let the Light IN

Turn Up Your Creative Energy!
Women's Clinic: Bring your Dreams to Reality with Female Creative Energy 

'Heal Your World' Meditation Workshop & Healing Circle
Body Awareness
See for Yourself: Tools for Safely Opening YOUR Clairvoyance

2-part series on Manifesting - or either stands alone:
The Secret behind 'The Secret': Creating the Life you Desire
BEing the Love you Want: Let IN what you Desire

Meditation workshops with an Ascended Master, for example:

Spring into Your Exciting Life: Safety, Comfort, Ease w/ Ascended Master Violet

Conscious Creation: Manifesting with Ascended Master Jagina

BEing with Mother Earth and Easeful Creating, with Ancient Venus

Live an Empowered Life with Ascended Master, the Red Dragon:  Owning our Space with Anger, Clearing Victim energy & Habits
Ascended Master Red Dragon: An Ally in our Abundance and Conscious Creation

Meditation & Healing with Ascended Master Ganesha

Transformation with Ease & Grace, with Anna-Lei-He

Enjoy your Inner Wholeness: Practice operating from your Center with Mother Mary
Working With the Ascended Masters: Mother Mary

Allow Joy & Ease:  Meditation & Healing Workshop with Ascended Master Theresa
Give Yourself Permission: Create & Own Your Life with Ascended Master Theresa
Ascended Master Theresa on LOVE!

Meditation & Healing with Master Jesus
GOLD, with Ascended Master Jesus

Say YES! to Healing, Growth, Learning & Change with Ascended Master Lemar

Raising our Vibration with Ascended Master, Buddha
BEing Clear with Ascended Master, Buddha

Ascended Master Kwan Yin: Be Spirit in your Body and Spiritually-Focused in your world

Ascended Master Sabrina: BEing Child-like and Malleable

Ascended Master Lao Tzu: BEing the Opposites / Being in Dynamic Balance

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What does Teleios mean?

 BE the Great Oak that lies hidden in your Acorn
Teleios: Be Your Potential!

Allow yourself to:
  • BE the Empowered YOU
  • Be Who You ARE
  • Be Enlivened
  • Be Whole & Complete
  • Be Your Highest Expression
  • Be Your Best Self

Teleios: Manifest Your Destiny!

Come to your Full (Spiritual) Maturity

Since my late teens, I have been inspired by the Greek word Teleios, which means: Complete, Mature. 

(a) complete in all its parts, wanting nothing necessary to completeness, fulfillment, consummation, sum, utmost, perfect. 

(b) full grown, of full age, brought to its end, finished, achieving purpose, goal, outcome, aim. Mature (consummated) from going through the necessary stages to reach the end-goal, i.e. developed into a consummating completion by fulfilling the necessary process (spiritual journey).

The root (tel-) means reaching the end (aim).  It is well-illustrated with the old pirate's telescope, unfolding (extending out) one stage at a time to function at full-strength (capacity effectiveness).

YOU are Life's own special NUT!
It is the Joy and Fulfilment of the Acorn to become a mature, oak, whole and complete.

Teleios: BE Your Potential
Heal, Grow, Shine!
Manifest your Destiny

I believe our path in this world 
is to bring the Perfection we already spiritually Are - our true selves: Light, Love, Truth...
fully and uniquely manifested into this reality - this world, this body, this life

Want to read more? Here are some posts on: Teleios? Coming to our Perfection


Monday, April 28, 2014

We have TOOLS that WORK

We are spirit in bodies,
and most of us need to learn to operate as spirit in this wonderful world
- because most of us were not trained as children (or any other time). 

We were trained in the opposite, actually,
to operate (in an unfriendly universe) as bodies
- to try to navigate according to how we think, what we feel, what others expect... 

So, it helps us to utilize tools & practices that help us to ACT as spirit.
Tools that assist us:
  • to take care of our bodies, and relate to others, to the Earth & this Reality, & to our Source;
  • to let in Blessings, and to take out the trash from our space;
  • to build the muscle of our authority in our own space in in our life.
  • to safely and comfortably open to our soul senses, our spiritual abilities, our power as Healers and Creators in this Reality...
Tools like these are GOLD!
Our team utilizes Soul Technology -  Spiritual Levers  - for ourselves and with you.
We utilize these tools & practices to shift our own internal & external lives in Amazing Ways, and we invite you to do the same.

HOW can Soul Technology assist you?

This Adventure is Not for Everyone

Let's be clear: this ministry, this healing and transformation path, this adventure is not for everyone:
  • It is internally-based, and that is not always popular in this physically-focused world.  We have been trained to focus outside ourselves for our identity, and for health, wealth, love, happiness... But everything we are and everything we want lies within us, and from there is found outside us.
  • It is about healing our deep wounds - so gnarly issues resurface, stuff that most of us don't want to deal with - who in their right-mind would!  Except: Where we trip is our Treasure - under the pain, fear, and stuck-ness in our space lies parts of ourselves we have lost, parts of our journey we have eschewed, jewels of wisdom and Glory that make life worth Living! 
  • It is about turning the Titanic, not rearranging deck-chairs - it is about noticing our ingrained internal habits, limits & lies... and shifting them - so, sometimes it takes time and attention to manifest the changes we desire.
  • It is not about GIVING you healing or Answers or how to Live your life - it is about equipping you to do this for yourself!  Spiritually growing-up is sometimes a challenging endeavor!  Sure you get tools, training, inspiration & support; sure you get community if you want it... you can even learn to assist others in powerful ways (that help you to help yourself).  But in the end, you go yourself to your Source for your own Light, your own Way, your own Truth, your own Life - or you miss the Blessings.
I wish it were different.
My lazy-self would prefer to take a pill, win the lottery, get a relationship, find a job, adhere to a belief-system that would FIX-me, make me happy and successful - forever, amen.

But there is no such thing.
It is a lie.
And anyone who tries to tell you differently, is not telling you the truth.

If you want to believe these lies, avoid your inner-life, pretend that something outside you can make you feel good forever; someone else can fix you, do your work for you...

Then this path is not for you.
Please go elsewhere and don't waste one more minute here.

But, If you are willing to change, willing to be open, willing to practice:
  • getting quiet inside yourself,
  • taking charge in your space, and
  • investing in yourself, your life, your healing, your path, your Source, your relationship with All your Relations… 
Then, You WILL be SO Blessed - because Where we trip is our Treasure!
In the long-run, it is A Blessing to us that the short-cuts, and work-arounds do not work.
Because it is a JOY and Privilege to:
  • put on our big-kid pants and
  • do the soul work that is uniquely our calling. 
  • To align with our Source, become ourselves and shift this reality!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Relationship with Your Source: Meditation Workshop in East Windsor NJ, Sept 8, 2015

Relationship with Your Source
  • Connecting with and receiving your Light, your Truth, your Life, your Way
  • Communication with the ‘God of your Heart' (your own experience of the Divine)
  • Clearing your Relationship with the ‘God of your Heart’ (letting go of programming, other’s spiritual information)
Tuesday, September 8th
Please come at 6:15, workshop 6:30 - 8:30.

Private Residence in East Windsor, NJ
Freewill Donation.  Free Babysitting Available.

In this Meditation, you will have the opportunity to:

• Learn and practice some basic meditation techniques.
• Share your experience, if you choose, a couple times during this session.
• Mostly, quietly enjoy letting go and experiencing your inner world.

Bring a snack to share if you would like.
Freewill Donation, Suggested donation $35. Give what is comfortable for you.

Please register  Register on Facebook, or contact me at
When you register, I will send you the address for the event.

Free Babysitting Available - Safe Sitter Certified - tips appreciated!
Please let me know if you need babysitting, and how many kids, of what ages, are coming.

Please tell your Friends.

in Life, Wendy

PS - I plan to be in NJ until Sept 14th
I am available the last week I am in town, for private sessions, please be in touch to schedule.

Right now I have 2 workshops scheduled, please come, tell your friends!
:) wendy

1) the one above: Relationship with Your Source: Meditation Workshop in East Windsor NJ, Tuesday, Sept 8, 2015 (If you are on Facebook, please sign-up here)

2) and the next night: Align with God: with Master Jesus: Meditation Workshop: Asbury Park NJ, Wednesday Sept 9, 2015 (If you are on Facebook, please sign-up here)
If NOT on Facebook, please click this link for details

Friday, April 25, 2014

Conscious Embodiment Intensive - a healing circle for mature women healers

Come invest in deep work, with a safe, supportive group of women.
Taking time to deepen together into a trusting community,
and allowing the time it takes to step-by step reorganize our body experience and expression (because bodies take time, and that is beautiful ; )

Engaging things like:
  • Consciously Embodying: breathing, moving, engaging healthy body-mechanics, touching, savoring the senses, deepening with  Momma Earth, enjoying intimate connections with others, etc
  • Honoring our unique path.  Being with each of our developmental stages (infancy, childhood, adolescence, etc).  Tuning-into each stage of our soul journey, shifting agreements and healing disturbances, completing anything undone - so we can build on a strong foundation in the evolution of our consciousness. 
  • Utilizing our body energies for healing, creativity, self-care, delight…

  • Owning and becoming more comfortable in and with our body - as ourselves, with others and in the world.  Tuning into to the systems of our body (skin, muscle, bone, digestion, etc), and our bodies as a whole - to clear, cleanse, embrace and enliven our body… 
  • Choosing our female body and experience, cleansing, loving and reformatting to our unique expression of gender and sexual expression.
  • Saying hello to our patterns & habits - within ourselves and in our relationships, work and play - how we avoid and how we engage LIFE; love ourselves in what is, and If and When we choose, invite shift.

Including things like:
  • retreats to learn, play and integrate new ways of being.
  • opportunities to savor and learn-from various body-work and movement practices.
  • learning and experiencing with experts from several somatic-focused fields

  • OPTIONAL: additional daily and weekly connection, sharing and healing structures - you can weave into and out-of, as this serves your process and your schedule.

I am inviting a healing circle:
a Conscious Embodiment Intensive,
a 6 month adventure - maybe more, if we choose...

I believe we will create the opportunity for 3 retreats and gather two Monday evenings per month.
Not every week, so easier to fit in busy schedules; as well as integrate healing and transformation more comfortably.

in Life!


About the focus of this Adventure.
2 things I would like you to know:

This is a very different focus than anything you have taken with me before, just FYI.

Usually I am consciously standing for a shift in our IDENTITY
to move off from:
- our past/future,
- others/our own stories,
- the expereince/expectations of our body/world
- etc

... so who am I BEing and who do I Choose to BE?

In this Circle of Learning, Healing, Playing and Support
I am consciously standing in a more Balanced place:

- I am Spirit playing in Body!
- I am holding Heaven and Earth - and Dancing in the interface, with Community of all my Relations.
- I AM a voice in the spiritual chorus in this physical world

... so, given I am Soul, what am I DOing and what do I choose to DO?
- of course, still from the Inside, Out.
- but importantly, how am I Manifesting in and through the Body and the World?
- not just energetically/spiritually - but In This World.


The main through-line for the 6 months will be:
An Embodiment Project
Saying hello to:
  • Something I want to DO in the World, that I haven't done.
  • Something I really Want to be doing, that I'm not DOing.
in the process:
  • Saying goodbye to the body, mind, spiritual things that have been in the way of the things I want to Do.
  • Saying hello the the body, mind, spiritual things that I need to BE and DO, so I can Have - Body and Soul - this new Thing.
  • BEing and DOing what it takes to DO this NEW Amazing thing, by the end of the Program.

This Embodiment Project will provide focus for each of us, in this 6 month Circle, and help us to build the Intention and physical and spiritual muscle it takes to DO what you want to DO in this World.

Please be dreaming and writing on what you want to Create in the World through this circle - it can be anything that is into the world
- anything that can be measured, anything 'flies can see'
- not just a change in BEing, a change in DOing.

This game has already shifted my life and who I am being, as I have been finding what I want to actively shift. I look forward to this process with y'all!!

hugs - w


Updated Schedule:
Monday evenings:

July 11 & 25
Sept 12 & 26
Oct 10 & 24
Nov 7 & 28
Dec 19

Mountain Loop Highway (can do one or both): 11 - 7pm, optional night before and or after:
Mon Aug 1
Sat Sept 10

Nov 18 - 20

We may choose to extend our Women's circle a few more months, but for now, this is our current plan.

Shared agreements for Circle

We are creating our safe, comfortable container – our shared values…

We are each Adults and we are responsible for ourselves, we keep our agreements:

- confidentiality
  • no gossip
  • no talking about others or their life with any possible reference to them, only focus on our own healing
- focus on self rather than fixing others
  • no cross-talk, keep eyes on own page,
  • useful to say “matching pictures”, “speaks to me”
- choosing to be brave and gently gently pushing our own edges… Gently.

- law of 2 feet – your body, your soul, your life – take care of yourself – body & soul – as needed.

- assume positive intent (our circle–mates aren't being bratty or thoughtless on purpose)

- be ready, present and engaged

Throughout the course, without the need for continual reminders, we will be:

- coming in physically and energetically Ready: intending to be owning & cleansing our space and our shared space – before we even start

- playing full-out: intending to stay present and focused for the meeting; physically and spiritually caring for ourselves and ready to be present with others.

- utilizing our tools: running energy, blowing pictures, etc; intending to deal with our stuff consciously within our own space.

- cleaning–out our space and our shared space, blowing matching pictures, and making separations for ourselves/with others who are available – when we leave.

- through the end of the course, and beyond, utilizing our own personal meditations and interactions with our circle–mates, and other trusted healers – heal and leverage the stuff that comes up for us:
  • Issues around content, personalities, leadership.
  • If I am stuck on it, it isn't about Them, it is about Me.
    • So I deal with it, within me - with help, as needed.
    • Then I talk to, work–it–out with others, as appropriate: ;}

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Samples of Meditation Workshops

Schedule for your Group, Organization, Business, Family...
Below are samples of some of the Meditation Workshops that have been very well received.

They can be targeted to your purpose and within your time-constraints.
The following were 2-2.5 hours, unless otherwise noted.  Open to beginners, and useful for all:

Forgiveness: Not by might nor by power, but by Spirit

The River or the Rocks? Choose!

The Heart: Integrating Spirit & Body with Affinity

See for Yourself: Tools for Safely Opening YOUR Clairvoyance

Accepting What IS: Key to Loving our Lives, AND Creating Change

Turn Up Your Creative Energy!

Recovering What was Lost: Using the Energy of Anger to Heal Ourselves.

Body Awareness

God-of-Your-Heart: Your Direct Relationship with Spirit
Align with God - Let the Light IN

Women's Intuition and Healing
Women's Clinic: Bring your Dreams to Reality with Female Creative Energy 
Special Women's Meditation and Healing: Love and Nurture Yourself! 

2-part series on Manifesting - or either stands alone
The Secret behind 'The Secret': Creating the Life you Desire
BEing the Love you Want: Let IN what you Desire

Soul Technology for Abundance and Consciously Creating in your Life! - 4 hour

Healing circle with general or specific focus:
Healing Circle with Mother Mary: Healing Trauma in Our World
'Heal Your World' Meditation Workshop & Healing Circle

With Ascended Masters:
Meditation & Healing with Ascended Master Ganesh
Ascended Master Ganesh says, "Walk your own Way"

Working With the Ascended Masters: Mother Mary
Enjoy your Inner Wholeness: Practice operating from your Center with Mother Mary 

Raising our Vibration with Ascended Master, Buddha
BEing Clear with Ascended Master, Buddha

Allow Joy & Ease:  Meditation & Healing Workshop with Ascended Master Theresa
Give Yourself Permission: Create & Own Your Life with Ascended Master Theresa
Ascended Master Theresa on LOVE!

Say YES! to Healing, Growth, Learning & Change with Ascended Master Lemar

Transformation with Ease & Grace, with Anna-Lei-He

Master Sabrina says, “Create your world, like a child playing in a sandbox!"

Ascended Master Kwan Yin says “I will teach them to be Free."

Your Exciting Life: Be Supported in Safety, Comfort, Ease w/ Ascended Master Violet

Ascended Master Red Dragon: An Ally in our Abundance and Conscious Creation
Live an Empowered Life with Ascended Master, the Red Dragon:  Owning our Space with Anger, Clearing Victim energy & Habits

Conscious Creation: Manifesting with Ascended Master Jagina

Meditation & Healing with Master Jesus
Start your New Year at GOLD, with Ascended Master Jesus

Specifically For Christians:   Meditation with Jesus: Aligning with God

Women's Night: BEing with Mother Earth and Easeful Creating, with Ancient Venus

Women's Spiritual Healing Clinic
Spiritual Reading Clinic
Spiritual Healing Clinic
Reading & Healings! Psychic Fair or Party Reading/Healing - 15+ minutes per participant

Longer Offerings:

Basic Classes:
SoulTools Class - up to 30 hours
Healing Class - up to 35 hours

Advanced class, building on the above:
Clairvoyant Training Program - up to 250 hours

Post-Clairvoyant Training Classes:
Advanced Healers Program - up to 70 hours
Advanced Body-Spirit Relationship Program - up to 70 hours

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Open to YOUR own Soul Senses & Spiritual Abilities

YOU can access your own spiritual information, for yourself and to assist others.

We are ALL spirit, a part of the Divine.
We can ALL see, hear, know, feel & heal spiritually/energetically.

Uncover YOUR soul senses and abilities.
Enjoy your own spiritual freedom, creativity and power!

In Psychic Development, we focus on Opening to our Clairvoyance:

Clairvoyance is clear, spiritual sight. It is a key to Spiritual Perspective

- Learn to make clearer decisions, know your own path more deeply, and be less torqued by the emotional pulls of the world. Understand yourself and the world around you more.  Be a healing presence.

- Learn and practice spiritual techniques that you can use to safely open your clairvoyance, develop non-judgment, open to healing for yourself & others,  and consciously create your life. These simple, powerful techniques can help you gain more of your spiritual perspective.

- Practice meditation to continue your awakening as spirit, to continue to master your clairvoyance, and to cleanse and own your energy system.

I love this exciting adventure, I bet you will too!

Best to you on your unique journey!  


Monday, April 21, 2014

Love YOUR Body!

ReNew You! with a daylong retreat:
Love YOUR Body: Meditation and Movement

No experience necessary
(although, you must have a body and bring it with you ; )

Get ready for a fun, challenging and healing day of Meditation and Movement to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, and a more loving relationship with your body.

This day will be half meditation and body-spirit communication, while comfortably sitting in chairs,
AND half comfortable, accessible movement & body-loving practices.

You will also receive a private 15 minute healing, if you choose.  We will enjoy regular breaks to relax and integrate your expereinces.

Please bring a journal, wear comfortable clothing, and bring a pot-luck contribution for shared snacks and meal.

About Love YOUR Body! Meditation

This is a very playful, inner-active Meditation practice - you won't be bored!

Many discomforts and crossed wires in our lives come from a dysfunctional relationship with our own bodies.

You can find balance in your relationship between yourself, as a spirit, and your body.

Learn new ways of relating to and loving yourself which encourage and support a cooperative, nurturing relationship with your body.

As you practice this way of being, over time, you can be amazed at the delightful experiences in your own skin, the changes in your physical body, and the eventual transformation of your life.

The benefits of this meditation include:
  • Learning energy techniques for being more present in your body
  • Deepening your spirit / body relationship
  • Releasing energy which may be affecting your wellness on all levels
  • Bringing more of your spiritual awareness and knowledge into your body.

Handout from: Dare to BE LOVE Series: Love the Earth: Practice Partnering with Momma Nature

Practice Partnering with Momma Earth
being PRESENT in our body & with the planet...
Investing in Our Relationship with Momma Earth

(Some of this is easier in summer – but when its cold, we could stand and touch a tree that calls to you, bundle-up on a rock, walk while communing, etc ; )

Some Examples of Earth Relationship practice:

  • Commune with the earth lay on/with/in the Earth

  • Yield to momma earth and let her love and care for you, like you love and care for your intimates:
  • like a cat/lap dog,
  • like a long lover,
  • like a child lays on your body...

  • The Earth can love & heal your body - get in it, with it, on it - consciously yielding and present, and allowing conscious connection!  

  • Let Momma Earth communicate with you, back and forth - Attention to self/earth relationship. Try some of the exercises I suggested for body relationship, with focus on earth relationship, for example:

  • What happens when you consciously interface with, match the energy of earth, water, wind, fire...

  • You can try journalling written communication back and forth…
  • earth to spirit
  • spirit to earth
  • earth to body
  • body to earth

Wendy R Wolf -

Group Learning at SoulTech

Take charge of your personal space - cleanse and own your energy system.

Focus clearly inside yourself and in your world.

Open to healing within yourself and in your word - spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Gain confidence in your spiritual information - Know your truth for yourself.

Consciously co-create your life.

Rest in the Flow of Life;  Savor your Dance with Divinity.

Group Learning:


Beginner courses focus on tools & distinctions to serve your Meditation and Healing, inviting you to:
  • the next level in your Meditation Practice:  facilitating your ability to focus & be present in the driver's seat of your life.
  • comfortably & safely support your own & others' wellness & development.
Advanced Training focuses on developing your OWN spiritual senses / Psychic Abilities and gifts.

The POINT of ALL this training/practice is to give you more Inner Resources
     the Energy Techniques, Support, and 'Muscle', so you can:

  Gain WISDOM and LEVERAGE in your ‘inner’ life:
      CONNECT to who YOU really are
        and DEEPEN connection with SPIRIT.

          And from there ENJOY:
              in your ‘outer’ life, as well.

Get a feel for Group Learning, what it is like to work with me, and WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU.  Peruse some of the feedback I am honored to receive: Beginning Students' Testimonials.

Embody Your Feminine Nature...Let's Get WILD! July 26 - August 1, 2015

  • A 6-day Retreat in the Methow Valley and North Cascades National Park - this is a life-changing opportunity for a small group of Women.
  • A powerful nature experience that will support your encounter with the wild landscape of the unfettered feminine.
This Retreat is all-inclusive: lodging in a beautiful cabin (or camping if you prefer), food, body work, energy work, and activities for 6 nights/6 days in the North Cascade Mountains and Valley. 
Tour & Explore many amazing, beautiful and delicious spots: Transport to and from Seattle and SeaTac Airport - make this a full week adventure: Sunday morning until Saturday night.

- Are ready for mental, physical and spiritual challenge, inquiry and exploration.
- Are open to calling back your natural dignity and greatness that is your birthright and open to the gifts mother nature is constantly offering.
- Able to walk moderate hiking trails of 2-5 miles with a light day pack. Comfortable being in nature. Able to swim.
Mark your calendar for July 26 - August 1st
Contact for more info, for larger copies of info below, to receive registration materials!
This event is limited to a small-group - be in touch ASAP: Wendy

What to expect in Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools classes

Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools

  • We sit comfortably in chairs.
  • We learn inner tools, practice these in meditation, share our experiences.
  • Our lives change ;)

These 2, six-week classes introduce you to utilizing Soul Technology for yourself.
You will learn simple, effective techniques for becoming more aware of your own soul information, energy levels and personal space.
This gives you a strong foundation of knowing yourself, which is an essential first step before reading and healing for other people.

Meditation can change your life.
These Inner Tools are the Bomb!  Read what folks say!

These classes offer many soul "tools" for:
  • Grounding to feel safe while you are opening spirituality.
  • Being centered and present for your body and your life.
  • Discovering you own spiritual information. (Everyone has their own unique truths!)
  • Renewing and replenishing your energy.
  • Removing energy blocks in your body and clearing pain.
  • Being aware of and separating from energies that may be influencing you.

See here for: 3 reasons people tend to participate in Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools classes, and what they usually experience.


Handout from: Dare to BE LOVE Series: Love your Body: Practice Partnering with your Body

Dare to BE LOVE Series: Love your Body
Practice Partnering with your Body – being PRESENT in and with your body...

Examples of some more spiritually-related body practices:
BE With your body in its experience, give it your full attention, see what happens:

  • Emotions are body communication, play with / honor them, communicate with your body overtly, make agreements with your body.

  • Body disturbances are body communication, play with / honor them, communicate with your body overtly, make agreements with your body.

  • Consciously notice Body/Spirit individuation – What parts of your experience are 
    physical experience? What aspects of your experience are spiritual experience?
    • who is who around here? Honor and respect each other.
    • make separations, what happens?
    • interface to heal and repair, gain trust in your body/spirit relationship.

  • Try journaling written communication back and forth between spirit and body… appreciation, questions, deepening relationship, perspective-sharing, etc – this is a very powerful practice – IMO:
    • body to spirit,
    • spirit to body

Examples of some more physically-related body practices:
BE With your body in its experience, give it your full attention, see what happens:

  • Come to your Senses! Notice your your senses, one at a time - be with, heal them and let them come on-line and explode in your consciousness.

  • Let go of thoughts and even of conscious energy-work for awhile and stay with the body and the body experience in exquisite detail. As you BE, and as you stop and go, pay attention to different channels of body experience, and see what happens.

  • Notice your breath, play with it in varying rhythms. Breathe into and out of different parts of your system. What happens?

  • Rub your skin, massage your muscles, feel for your bones, scratch your scalp...

  • Exercise your experience of your Senses, being in Present Time:
    • notice wind on your skin and how it touches your hair all over your body,
    • play with aromatherapy,
    • listen for the natural music where you are, the rhythms, the delicious sounds,
    • take 10 minutes to eat 1-inch sized piece of in-season fruit – savor and notice,
    • invest some time really seeing – without naming or judging – just being with what you see...

  • Have fun! enjoy delicious life IN the Body:
    • jump in water with abandon,
    • wrestle and play with kids, or kids of any age,
    • lay in the sun like a cat.

Wendy R Wolf -

Handout from: Ask & Receive: Love! (Meditation Workshop)

Ask & Receive: Love!
Meditation Workshop with Wendy R Wolf

Practice these meditation techniques to consciously, safely & comfortably Play IN Love:
  • Grounding – Connecting w/ the Heart of Momma Earth – Supported, Belonging.
  • Centering – Being Neutral / Spiritually-focused & the Captain of your Body/Life.
  • Releasing - Letting-go of what you're done-with, opening-up room within.
  • Receiving from the Earth - Filling from River of Life, energy support for your body.
  • Receiving from the Cosmos - Saying Yes! to Blessings, filling-up your soul batteries.

Practice inviting delicious, precious Love, what you have been searching for, INSIDE yourself...

1) What does Love feel like, to you?   Say hello to your Love vibration:
  • What is it like for you to Be with playful puppies, snuggly kittens, laughing children?
  • What is it like for you to Be with a desired lover, your soul-mate, the love of your life?
  • What is it like for you to Be with an ocean sunset, a mountain cascade, the touch of the Divine?

2) Ask & Receive: access & be fed-by your unique Love-vibration cocktail, spiritually, within.

    Practice these intentions in your continued meditations and spiritual practice in the world:
  • More: Love, spiritually
    - Invite Love deeply into your energy system and your body; melting blocks, limits and lies.
  • Less: Hunger for Love
    - Let your body be filled from the Earth. Let Love feed your deepest Needs.
  • More: Freedom around Love: to be comfortable alone, to be comfortable in relationship
    - Say hello to your true wholeness, know yourself and your life as complete.
  • Less: Chasing-around of people, success & experiences, trying to obtain the Love you want
    - Collect your focus from the world, to alignment in your Self, with your Source.
  • More: Magnetizing Love in your life, because you are love, already
    - BE Love, BE a Love Magnet!

    Deepen in Love with Wendy R Wolf:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Please Jump on the Balloon - assist with Abundance Takes Flight! April 2016

Dear Psychic & Healer Friends,

You have probably heard that Lynn has a vision for an event that helps us all raise our vibration around Abundance:
I have attached the flier below, and here this is the FB invite page.

Basically here is the deal:
One Purpose:
Abundance takes Flight
ALL of us rise, together!

Two Avenues:
Uplift our Brothers and Sisters in the Homeless Community…
Uplift our Consciousness around Abundance, Prosperity, Money…
ALL of us rise, together!
This event is for all, and supports all.
Many of us are already invested, in many different ways.
I am writing to ask You to Please Jump on the Balloon, and assist with Abundance Takes Flight!

We have been planning this event for months - and now it is now less than 2 weeks away!
Please register here, if you have not already - to to help increase our momentum.

It is my personal intention that all of us who invest in this event, Receive more than we give.
Please consider investing in this spiritual movement, in one or all these ways:

1) Personally invite your friends, those who you believe will resonate with this vision - they can come in person or get the video after, if too far away…
  • When each of us sign-up ourselves, with 3 friends - we will fill what is left of the seats!
  • If you have questions or comments, please be in touch - thank you!!

2) Invest your business (and/or invite like-minded Businesses) in this Movement. This is an opportunity to advertise with no up-front cost: ’Share the Wealth', basically:
  • Your Business is listed as a sponsor and receives at-event and on-line exposure through the end of May.
  • When a new client comes to you and mentions the Abundance event, you donate half the proceeds to Share/Wheel via the Abundance event.
  • If you are interested, please get me your biz info ASAP, and what services you are offering for  ’Share the Wealth' - thank you!!
  • Also, we have ~3 of the 10 ‘Corporate Sponsorships’ still available at $500 - which includes more exposure and seats at the event.  If you have or know a business that would like to invest more directly, please share with them and/or let us know!

3) Invest your creation energy in this vision, by investing 10-15 minutes any evening that you have time.
Come Create with us Spiritually, basically:
  • We have been, and will be until the event - gathering on a shared phone call for 10-15 minutes every night, starting at 9 pm we are raising our own vibration, the vibration of the event creators, of the event, and of our planet regarding Abundance; and visioning a successful event, as well as an amazing shift for us all - woo hoo!
  • It is different each night, and so far a lot of fun- with more or less folks on the call, depending on the day…
  • If you are interested, please get me your info ASAP, and I will get you the details - thank you!!

4) Any other thing you might want to contribute or assist-with, please be in touch- thank you!!

in Life! Wendy

PS - please feel free to utilize any of this info or associated links to share this opportunity with your network - thanks!!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SoulTech Meditation is not passive

We use tools and techniques
as well as internal and external energy;

which invites
revolutionary changes in consciousness
to happen easily.

First time meditator or old pro:
everyone takes it to the next level with new techniques.

Many interested in meditation have misconceptions and confusion regarding the practice;
others hit blocks when attempting to meditation alone.

Come find a physically comfortable,
as well as spiritually balanced practice.

Practice leads to growth and positive change in the “real-world”:
Love/Relationships, Work, Health, and everything else human beings both enjoy, and struggle with.

Answers to life’s challenges surface from within,
as you become conscious of the wisdom, power and light within you.

Founder, Wendy, a Soul / Psychic / Energy / Spiritual Healer,
brings a good deal of training, life expereince, 'clinical experience', and spiritual wisdom to the table.
But, ultimately, Spirit leads the way.

Want to read more?
Try: SoulTech Meditation Coaching


Spiritual Direction: Receive Inspiration, Tools & Support

Receive Inspiration, Tools & Support
for your spiritual deepening: 
 walk your unique path in Joy.

Participating in Spiritual Direction is an invitation
for you to trust your spiritual senses
and to be led and fed by Your Source, directly;
to blossom into the beautiful flower that only you can be!

Soul Senses show us the way.
You open to YOUR Divine experience, information and blessings.

We are like 'gymnastics coaches'.
We are there for you, however you need support, or if you fall - but, it is not about us...
We 'spot' you through the 'rough' parts, & encourage you to Play, Shine.
Only you can do this. No one can do it for you. But if you are fortunate enough to find someone who is extremely conscious, if you can be with them and join them in a state of presence, that can be helpful and will accelerate things. In this way your own light will quickly grow stronger. When a log that has just started to burn is placed next to one that is burning fiercely, and after a while they are separated again, the first log will be burning with much greater intensity. After all, it is the same fire.    
- Eckhart Tolle

Those seeking spiritual growth can find their fiercely burning log.
If you are interested in moving forward in your spiritual journey,
we can assist you in realizing your own spirit nature.

As Tolle says, only you can do the work;
but, going it alone can become challenging sometimes. 
You can enjoy a buddy along your way!
Offering you a hand-up on your soul journey - when you need it.

Founder, Wendy, a Soul / Psychic / Energy Healer, brings a lot of training, life expereince, 'clinical experience', and spiritual wisdom to the table.
But, ultimately, Spirit leads the way.

Want to read more?
Try: Supporting Your Unique Spiritual Path 


Soul Counseling: Shift from within to meet life's challenges

Learn to apply solutions from within
to the troubles that plague your present life.

By exploring Soul Counseling,
you may find what many before you have experienced:

We become more fit to meet our life’s challenges,
as we become increasingly more conscious
of the Power, Light and Presence, within.

Through individualized soul counseling,
we can find comfort and joy in our heart and in our world:
  • Engage the soul work that is right for us, right now.
  • Deepen our unique Soul connection with All Our Relations.
  • Develop direct knowledge of spirit, and our path in this world.

When we find our LIFE and LIGHT from the INSIDE,
growth and positive changes flow out into our world.
Folks utilize Soul Counseling to:
  • Develop knowledge of your own Way, experience of your own Source.
  • Access your personal and direct contact with Universal Consciousness, Energy & Possibility.
  • Find your unique spiritual dance in a customized, natural way; never dictated, always discovered.

You can enjoy a helping hand, someone who walks the path beside you.
Founder, Wendy, a Soul Healer, brings enormous training, life experience, 'clinical experience', and spiritual wisdom to the table.
But, ultimately, spirit leads the way.

Want to read more?
Try: Book II of our lives can start right NOW 


Shine your Light: Examples

Some of the Delicious Opportunities
- that we work with often -
and can invite utilizing Soul Technology:

  •  Just BE.  This is our most important task as Human Beings, and particularly as change-makers, world-transformers, spiritual teachers, healers.  To just be - play our own tune.  And as we do this, it just so happens the song of the world shifts.
  • Behold & Reflect Glory, Light, Love...  We are All Mystics, in our own unique way.  As we allow ourselves to become who we really are, we allow more space for our unique expereince of the Divine. And this Light naturally in us, and shines out of us, making the world brighter.
  • Attain your Spiritual Maturity.  Manifest your Unique Destiny. Be the Mighty Oak that lies hidden in your Acorn.
  • BE the Change you want to see in your world. Shift, Heal, Transform your world, because you are being yourself and shifting yourself.

Grow in the Light: Examples

Some of the Delicious Opportunities
- that we work with often -
and see a lot of Empowerment utilizing Soul Technology:

  • Becoming who we are: singing our own song, loud and clear - including owning our unique choices and our own body for ourself, and gaining back the freedom - our free with - that is our birthright.  Knowing who we are and what we want.
  • Allowing Blessings to flow: allowing ourselves to Have experiential Richness: Abundance, Success and Gratefulness. 
  • Being in Present time: Allowing old things to pass away,  and allowing the future to wait until we get there!
  • Opening to our Unique Gifts: finding our vocation, our hobbies, where we 'click' in the world and where we don't...
  • Embracing our Sexual Orientation, Gender Expression, Preferred Relationship Structures: owning our unique being and how we present in the world, how and who we romantically & sexually connect, personal kinks, monogamous or open relationships.
  • Comfortably connecting with All Our Relations: participating in our Divine dance of Life, enjoying our relationships with self, others, Earth and Spirit.  Designing delicious relationship(s) that suit us. Practicing powerful communication and healthy boundaries.
  • Opening for Mystics:  Deepening in God, our relationship with our Source, our Light, our Path; our unique Partnership with the Beloved.

Want to read more?
Try Spiritual Direction and Meditation Coaching.


Heal into Light: Examples

Some of the Trenchant Issues
- that we work with often -
and see a lot of shift utilizing Soul Technology:

  • Feeling Overcome by Darkness: depression, melancholy, fear, anxiety, self-pity, victim experiences: trauma, abuse, PTSD, spiritual attack, addiction/compulsion...
  • Stuck in Anti-Life energies: Resistance to change, Despair, Hate, Anti-God, reluctance to allow true spiritual healing, religious programming that blocks experience of Life, God and Reality.
  • Body Issues: particularly weight, diet, and body acceptance / love.

  • Health Concerns: both physical ailments and their often emotional / spiritual causes.
  • Over-thinking:  We can think what we want, but lets not let that stop us from Being our full selves & dancing our unique Journey!  We Can stop letting our intellect run the whole show, and find more balance.  We Can get the monkey-mind to settle-down.
  • Suffering as Empaths and HSPs: (Highly Sensitive Persons) - taking on other's emotions, problems and illness; feeling overwhelmed by others and the world.

Would you like to read more?
Try: Deep Healing and Soul Counseling