Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love means a hundred different things - what do you mean when you say Love?

In my soul/psychic training,
we learned that Love includes 3 sets of information / consciousnesses / chakras.
Let's count down:

3) Reality, root chakra - actual time/space reality.
i.e. In my youth, a family-member who lived far away used to send cards to me for my Birthday and Christmas signed ‘I love you’.  I was annoyed and confused because this had no meaning to me, I rarely saw or spoke to this person; we didn’t know each other at all…
Reality is essential in love.

2) Communication, throat chakra: actual spiritual and physical interfacing and sharing.   
Someone may have a lot of affinity for me - but if we aren’t in communication, then love is not present in fullness.

1) the obvious one - Affinity, heart chakra: our soul experience of the Oneness that IS spiritual reality. This is the yummy, connecting experience that most of us associate with Love.
Ways we experience this, as humans:
  • Our Wholeness and Completeness within ourselves
  • Our Compassionate, sometimes Delicious, connections to All-our-Relations,
  • Our delightful Belonging with our sweet Mother Earth, and
  • Our Oneness & Relationship with our Source/God.

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