Saturday, January 1, 2022

BLOOM: Bring Out the Gift In You

Shifted Communications 

This is my current website: 

You can find earlier writings here:
ReNew You! with Wendy R Wolf

I am rarely writing here these days: 

Actually, I have been writing Mostly on Facebook for many years
Some doorways listed, below.

Please come visit!

Best to you on your unique journey,

Hello: Mystic. Healer. Creative. Leader.

I hope these Groups & Pages inspirit Your OWN: 

* Enthusiastic Possibilities. 

* Passion, Purpose & Power to Bloom. 

* Organic BEing, DOing, IMPACT… 

I appreciate your engagement! 

in Life, Wendy

A Circle of Mystic GROUPS - to Play as it Serves you:

All of these groups are curated. Sadly there is way too much SPAM and Spewing going on.

- But once something is posted, it is Permanent and stays Open for comment.

- I do not delete posts or threads if uncomfortable subjects or conflicts arise. Please post mindfully.


* Our Playground: Everyday Modern Mystics (Public Sharing Space)
- this is our Mystic chat and sharing space

* Our Deep Journey, Together: Everyday Modern Mystics (Private Sharing Space)
- this is the chat and sharing space for stuff that is vulnerable, private

* Our Sanctuary: Everyday Modern Mystics Dancing w/ the Divine (Sacred Space)

- Where I share Dancing with the Divine events, etc.

- Also, all invited to actually share about Deep Diving in Delightful Divine Experience, not just post memes or links about.
- If you are offering an event/offering that aligns with this focus, that you wish to share, please DM me about it.

Soul Leadership: Bring OUT the Gift IN You: The Leader's Soul Journey

- for chatting and sharing about the many aspects of BEing, DOing, making our IMPACT
- read more here

All My Relations: Soul Relationships : Communication, Intimacy, Sex, Spirit

- for chatting and sharing about life, the Universe & Everything that isn’t super-spiritual, we have that covered, above.

A Circle of Mystic PAGES - to Play as it Serves you:

Mystic Moments: Inspiration & Insights on the Way with Wendy R Wolf

Graceful Soul: Ears to Hear, Eyes to See w/ Mystics, Healers & Creatives

- read more here

Soul Dancing with the Divine: Everyday Modern Mystics w/ Rev Wendy Wolf
- read more here

Soul Leadership: Unveil your Unique Genius: Grow, Flourish, Shine & Inspire

Soul Peace for Feelers, Healers, Lovers: Empowered Empaths w/ Wendy R Wolf

Soul Connected: BEing Love, REALizing Intimacy - with Wendy R Wolf

Soul Teleios: Heal Grow Shine: Be Your Potential w/ Wendy R Wolf

Soul rEvolution w/ Wendy R Wolf

Soul Sovereignty: Be Captain of Your Life with Wendy R Wolf

Soul Integrity w/ ALL our Relations: Honoring I/Thou regardless of Ideology

Soul Encouragement: Light in the Darkness w/ Wendy R Wolf

Please come visit!

Best to you on your unique journey!