She has had a very challenging life,
and an extremely difficult time on almost every level,
for the last few years.

When I spoke with her physically,
it was challenging to not go into sympathy…
so much pain, so much hardship
– how would she be able to find her way out?

But then when I worked with her spiritually,
I saw how incredibly capable she is,
what a beautiful spark of Life she is.

I could see how, now, at any moment,
she could turn around from her current trajectory,
backtrack a bit to where she got off-track
and keep going on her beautiful, bright path.

I could see how useful it is to drop the past,
all its hooks and attachments… and Pain.

The biggest thing I could see is
– if she allows it, Book II of her life starts NOW.
The future can be so bright
– almost anything is possible, in delight, in service.

It is such a blessing to meditate & heal with folks, for many reasons
– including because we all share so much in common.

For me, for you:
  • our past doesn’t have to define us,
  • our current pain need not stop us,
  • we are each beautiful sparks of Light…
and Book II of our lives can start right NOW.
All we have to do is say YES:
  • yes to ourselves,
  • yes to our unique path,
  • yes to Life!

Blessings, Wendy