Monday, April 13, 2015

What does Trust look like?

Question Asked:
What does trust look like in the different areas of your life:
relationships, work, money, spirit, other?

My answer Today:

For me Trust is a vibration, a spiritual gift.

For me, it looks energetically a lot like
Validation, Truth, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Certainty, Faith, Healing that is an expereince of our Wholeness... vibrations.
Add a little miracle energy and it looks like Acceptance!
(I define these somewhat specifically, you can see here for how I use these exciting words)

For me, Trust energy is not about what They DO, or how the World Occurs,
it is a fruit of spiritual nurturing that grows, and I allow to flourish - through me, and those around me - when I say YES to Life.

Physically, Trust looks a lot like
letting go, breathing, allowing
not frozen in fear,
not re-living past horrors, not worrying future catastrophes.

Relationships, work, money, life when I let in Trust,
it looks like ease and grace
...Mmmmm, Yummy.

When I don't let in Trust, it looks like
pushing my weight around, and
missing the mark, a lot
...Ahhh, Not Yummy ; )

For so long
I didn't Trust anyone, or anything - not really, not Down-Deep
(And I am Still Healing Deeper and Deeper Here ; )

But, after some Really Crappy Stuff went down with my Partner... and a Lot of healing after that.
I have started to own that the trust doesn't lie "Out-There" with the Other person, place, thing.
Trust can only reside within Me... or not.

Can I Trust my partner?
Turns out, I had the emphasis all wrong!
It wasn't Can I Trust my PARTNER.
It was CAN *I* trust my partner.

When *I* am in the Blessing of Trust;
Then, my world,
my relationships with people, places and things,
my life is IN Trust vibration.

I expereince a Whole Different World,
which is an entirely different expereince than when I reside in UN-Trust.
From this distrusting place, NOTHING is Ever Right, Comfortable, Safe, Count-on-able...

My INTERNAL experience Completely changes, depending on which vibration I am living-in.
AND, depending on which vibration I am living-in and creating-through in my life - extraordinarily divergent EXTERNAL outcomes manifest into the world.

I like my life A LOT more, when I allow Trust to Shower upon me, grow within me, and Flourish in my world...
(And so do the people around me, you can imagine I am a bit easier to Be With ; )

What does Trust look-like, feel-like, show-up for you?

in life, Wendy