Monday, May 15, 2017

You Are Love (hiding from that can only hurt)

I appreciate this video by Kyle Cease = The Dangers of Closing Your Heart 
I (quickly and dirty) transcribed the middle of the video - and added some bolding. 

: ) Wendy

" the story of your illusion is a lie: you are just unlimited love. That unlimited love is full of infinite creativity, that wants to do things that are a win, win, win for the world. You will create intense abundance for you. You will create lack of codependency. Because you are going to get 
more and more connected with yourself, and feel that you don’t need something outside of you… And feel good. And you will only align with people who have that same self-connection. Could you imagine? Whatever you want in a relationship, is what you need to become.  

Teleios: BE Your Potential Heal Grow Shine with Wendy R Wolf - You Are Love (hiding from that can only hurt)
thanks for photo: John Hain
You can only accept the level of love outside of you, at the level that you accept it with yourself.

So if you don’t love yourself, and you don’t love the scared little voice in you, and you don't spend time meditating and connecting to that; and someone comes and actually loves you, it’s horrifying! Because its bigger than you’ve let yourself have, so you sabotage it. And you go to people that will match your fear based place, and then you become a people pleaser. People pleasers can only attract takers. Right? Because when you are in your heart, and someone comes up to you and they are people pleasing, you can see it… They are saying to me immediately - ‘I’m less’ or 'I’m not worthy'. They are putting me in a place, that puts me in ‘I am superior’, or something. i don’t want that, I am the same as you guys. And if someone puts a separation in us, then it’s not going to work. So when you are in your heart, opening your heart is the most protective thing you can do. People are scared to open their heart; Because they won’t be protected. You will be divinely protected if you open your heart! Because, a fear based person with your heart closed, can only attract another person with their heart closed They are actually not cutting off anything, other than their connection to love and other people who truly love them. So you are cutting that off, and you are in fear, and you are a people pleaser. And you are either going to attract another people pleaser, or someone else who is cut-off and feels incomplete, and needs you to feel complete. So, now you are 2 addictions, keeping each other from accessing your heart. Right? …. As you connect with yourself more, you start to love every fear based thing
Over time, I have found this kind of assumption a useful mirror:
"Whatever you want in a relationship,
is what you need to become."

I wonder,
what are you looking for in relationship?

what are you wanting outside yourself,
that perhaps you could be receiving directly
from yourself? Momma Earth? your Source?

if you want to read some of my perspective:
No matter what happens: LOVE IS

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Monday, May 1, 2017

When to be KIND? When to be NICE? (What’s the Difference?)

I believe it may assist us on our Way,
to become more aware of the distinctions between being KIND and being NICE.
So we can make conscious choices.


I see Nice as initiated for and carried through from the body-level, with a physical focus…
It is a vaneer, putting on a mask.
It is possibly an authentic expression in part of our system, but it is not the true reality of our whole system.

Nice is doing what is expected, pleasing, polite, socially acceptable, inoffensive, accommodating people.
We do this for reasons, such as:
– we don’t want to ruffle feathers.
– we want something from someone.
– we want to be loved, accepted, fit-in…
– we want to survive, to thrive.
– we want to gain, win, succeed.
… lots of reasons we do this.

Being Nice often looks like: saying Yes, inviting IN, over-Giving, under-Receiving.
People are often nice back, often appreciative – if they are not, there may be hell to pay.

Nice can be a conscious choice or it can merely become an unconscious default in our system/ behavior.

Nice is a tool for a greater-end,
a sometimes very useful tool,
but if used unconsciously, sometimes a tool that trips us up.


I see Kind as initiated for and carried through from a more spiritual center – whether or not we are conscious of this.
Kindness is a fruit of the spirit – a blessing that we can allow in to fill us, and to overflow through us, blessing the world.
And of course, Kindness is also the beingness and actions that arise from us toward each of our relations, in alignment with our Path, and theirs.

– Sometimes kindness can look or feel pleasant, sometimes not;
– Sometimes Giving, sometimes Receiving… sometimes Both, sometimes Neither;
– Sometimes kindness can be a Yes, sometimes a No;
– Sometimes Hello, sometimes Goodbye.

Sometimes folks will appreciate our kindness and sometimes not.

But, IMO/E, the important thing is to follow the Way
 - - which narturally serves Us And Them.
And to do what naturally arises, as we are IN the Kindness of the Holy One.

Kind can be a conscious choice or it can happen around us without our really noticing – just a fruit that grows as we walk our Path in Spirit.
Kindness is a reward in itself, and has no agenda.

Kind vs Nice

Us humans are a complicated bunch.
Sometimes, we are truely kind, other times really nice, often a mix of these…
(others times naughty, not nice at all ; )

It can be hard at first to tell the difference – within ourselves and in the behaviour of others
– Is this kind or is it nice?
– Is it real or is it Memorex ; )

I believe it is useful to start to know the difference.
And to start actively choosing how we play our own game, relative to kindness and being nice.

: ) Wendy

PS – what is your experience/ perspective?

– When to be KIND? When to be NICE? What’s the difference?

– when/where/why is it hard for you to be kind? to be nice?

– when/where/why would you choose not to be kind? to be nice?