Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shifting Consciousness, Spiritually

When Problems/challenges arise,
it helps me to remember that God is SO Big,
even when my vision and resources feel So small, sometimes.

When I try to fix my life, or figure out who I should be, or what I have to do - I often stay stuck.
But, when I spiritually put on the Mind of Christ: spiritual perspective, Christ Consciousness;
Everything Shifts inside me and in my world, naturally, effortlessly.

When I Try to be Good, to Act Loving, to Perform as I believe Jesus would have:
I get off track - Because I am being physically focused, no matter how 'holy' my intention.
When I focus spiritually, bring my spiritual eyes back on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith, everything changes in and for me.

I am Not speaking of focusing on the Jesus of Religion, of Christian Faith and Practice, of Ethics or the Bible.
I am Not relying on who I think Jesus was or what I think he did when he walked the earth...
I AM speaking rather of who Jesus is Now, as spirit:  always spiritually present with us, available to each of us now, in intimate relationship, in spiritual communion.

From this spiritual perspective, 
problems/challenges are an invitation
back to my spiritual center: alignment with God and my unique path.

My challenge is:
  • Really Allowing God's abundant, limitless blessings IN, and
  • Allowing my eyes to shift from:
    • flesh: my body, my needs, my shortfalls/brokenness and my myopia;
    • to spirit: living as Jesus, as God's Way, Truth, Love, Life, Light manifest in our world.

SO many of us Mean to do all this, Think about this, Sometimes feel this and sometimes don't.
We hunger for God; to experience God's Blessings, Fruit, Leading and Manifestation in our lives, and in our world.
And many of us struggle with HOW to do this.  

THIS is the focus of my ministry. Please see here for info.

This post was inspired as a followup response to someone who is struggling, after they responded to the previous post.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Supporting Your Unique Spiritual Path - a fruit of My Journey with Jesus

My ministry really boils down to 2 things:
Inner Tools and Spiritual Companionship.

Inner Tools

I struggled for decades in my life, in my walk with God.
I savored spiritual expereince, feeling, guidance within... Sometimes.
Other-times, I felt spiritually obdurate, closed, un-moored, cast-out, in Darkness and pain.

I tried many different churches, fellowships, worship experiences, and meditation techniques -
nothing was right for me, nothing Worked consistently.
Where was the Rock on which to build my life, in practice not in theory?

I FINALLY allowed God to lead me to learn and practice Inner Tools
that have put my relationship with Life, the Universe, and Everything on a strong, reliable foundation.

My relationship with Jesus went from my hating-on him
(because of the behavior of 'his' people and how they hurt me, and SO many others)
through a healing and deepening period
to now, since about 2004, Jesus being my BFF ;)

The promises of the bible, of many spiritual traditions finally became real for me.
I wrote a blog explicating this experience in Christian metaphors a few years ago, called I have found what I'm looking for .

I became so excited about the tools,
my spiritual expereince and fruit,
spiritual deepening and healing...

I learned, healed and developed spiritually,
so I can empower groups and individuals
in their connection with their expereince of the Divine;
and deepening in spiritual experience
- as well as IN This Life!

This was a very challenging process
- and completely worth the journey!

The Tools make it Do-able...

Spiritual Companionship

When life gets intense for me, problems / challenges loom,
my past comes up to bite me...
it helps me to ask a buddy to meditate with me.

I know we can totally do it ourselves
- but sometimes it is harder, alone.

Also, I equip and inspire folks who work with me,
to get to know Jesus and other Spiritual Masters,
so we can experience that we are never alone
- we Always have extraordinary Spiritual Companionship
- whenever we care to notice!

If you want to go to the Quiet, the Beloved, the Earth, the Universe... together;
allowing healing, blessing, filling, letting-go... 
to help get out of a 'rut',
and learn new ways of being
that will shift your inner life, and the rest of your life...
ping me.

Blessings on your Unique Path!