Saturday, October 1, 2016

We can learn and choose Mastery, Spiritual Seniority: How would that change our lives? our world?

From my perspective, this quote is about being spiritually Senior:
  • DOing what it takes, as the Captain of our Ship...
  • Having Mastery of spiritually living in this body, dancing in this world, co-creating what we are here to share...
  • Taking back our Free-will, our spiritual Power, our soul Authority, the Agency we need to sing the song we are here to sing...
  • BEing the Master, the Chooser of our inner experiences, our outer actions, our soul destiny...

Spiritual Seniority is NOT our culture's average way of being & doing:
  • Having Agency is NOT how most of us are raised.
  • BEing the Captain is NOT where most of us stand.
  • Most of us are NOT well-equipped to do this, to have this, to be this, to co-create this - for ourselves or for others.

In one hidden part of our lives, or all over our lives
- A lot of us stand without tools or support, in the place of:
  • "it is happening to me",
  • "I don't have a choice"
... the place of 'victim'.

This is so sad.
Living in the place of 'victim' is creating
  • such pain, such fear, such stuck-ness;
  • such lies of shame, of unworthiness, of powerlessness, of choice-lessness...
  • weigh us down and can poison us to our core.
  • undermine the Beauty of who we Truly Are.
  • divert the Glory we can experience and powerfully co-create through in this world.

So many of us living in the place of 'victim':
  • it is a travesty,
  • a terrible waste of human potential.

... And our children learn monkey-see-monkey-do,
they learn what they live.
And the cycles Repeat.

Meanwhile, I believe there is a lot of spiritual hope.
I believe, "where we trip is our treasure"
On our healing/ transformation path, we can find along the way:
  • we become strong in the broken places...
  • we become wise where we were foolish and gentle where we were controlling & bossy...
  • we become uniquely available to comfortably and powerfully serve/ help/ heal/ BE with particular people and situations
I believe Book II of our lives really can start right now:

  • We can play a new game - sitting in the place of 'winners' not 'losers'.
  • Those of us who have lived 'under it' - can walk above it.
  • We can allow a different experience of life - standing in Victory, not victim-hood.

Not by might nor by power, but by Spirit:
We can learn and choose Mastery, Spiritual Seniority. 
How would that change our lives? our world?

I am on-fire about the opportunity for each one of us
to step into our own spiritual Seniority;
and the huge difference this makes in our own lives and in our world
... physically, spiritually, relation-ally, emotionally, intellectually, etc.

I pray you have/ find soul tools & practices,
as well as a place to spiritually stand,
to support you on your unique journey of Mastery.

Blessings on your Unique Path,

The center of my ministry is to equip, support, inspire spiritual Seniority.