Monday, November 24, 2014

Rock Your World with Master Jesus!

A few weeks ago, I got a call to a new focus in my ministry.
And then soon after, I had an opportunity to share this focus on a 1/2 hour radio show:

Rock Your World with Master Jesus!
Jesus Rocked his world, 2,000 years ago;
he ushered in a whole new vibration and a new paradigm of Divine Connection.

Jesus IS Light, Way, Truth, Life in his world,
and he calls US to Do the Same…in our own way.

Let's tune into Jesus spiritually: receive his wisdom and insights for us, and most importantly his spiritual frequency -
So we can ROCK our life, and our world, today!  LISTEN

If you want to hear more subjects, go here

Blessed Thanksgiving!

PS - If you are in alignment with this message, I have a new online series coming up - please join my e-newsletter to receive details.  First session is:
Align with your Source, with Master Jesus: Let the Light IN (Online Meditation Workshop)
In early January starts:
Ears to Hear, Eyes to See:  Soul Tools with Master Jesus (Online Meditation Class).

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lynn Brown Radio Show: 7 rules of Wealth to Thrive By

I am not on this program (although I was holding energy for it)
But I thought y'all might appreciate Lynn Brown's sharing.
Lynn and I are offering 2 workshops together in early 2015 - check them out!

November 18, 2014 - Co-host Lynn Brown - 1 hour

What's the big deal???....Money is only ONE form of Abundance and money is ONLY 1 form of abundance. And guess what? They are always intertwined! We all have limiting beliefs which we accumulate from our life experiences, ancestors, and past lives. These beliefs block our ability to receive the unlimited flow of abundance that the universe constantly offers to us.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Do you want to let Blessings IN, but you don't know how?

Blessings of Amazing Abundance and Possibility are around us, all the time and everywhere.
But, many of us are not letting them in!
Most of us, aren't letting IN, all the blessings that we could .

What are the nuts and bolts of Allowing Blessings IN...
into our bodies, our lives, our world?

My belief and experience is:
we Be in the waterfall of these blessings from our Source.
The water, these blessings, get all over us, and every one and every thing near us... and into our dear earth.

If we stay in this flow, stay with this Goodness... our Source fills us Up - all the way UP!
Which takes some time for most of us, because most of us are SO empty!!
But then, when we are FULL, then as we stay in these blessings, they pour out of us continually... as we let our Source keep pouring them in and through us… as fruit of the spirit.

We really do live in a constant flow of Grace, Beauty, Gratefulness, Forgiveness, Mercy... as well as all the Fruit that Paul names in the Christian Bible (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Humilty, Kindness, Self-Control {Seniority}, Faith) - and So Much More!!

WHEN we say YES to the flow, which our Source is always pouring on ALL of us -
At the Same Time, these blessings splash all over everyone we come in contact with!
The more flow we say YES to, the Bigger the flow, the More flow, the more everyone and everything is blessed!

Jesus lived in a Niagara of blessings,
and Everyone near him was transformed.
(unless they were a Big Fat Committed NO NO NO... wonderful, terrible Free Will ; )
…  Jesus showed them how to live this way then, and still he spiritually can show us how to live this way now!

I think it is interesting to note:
  • When we refuse this flow for ourselves, we can't really facilitate this flow for others... Actually, it is even more than that, when we refuse this flow for ourselves, we discourage this flow of blessings for others.
  • On the other hand, when we refuse this flow for others, we can't really have the flow of blessings in ourselves.

SO, for example:
This is why forgiveness is SO very important!
... If we limit goodness for our 'enemies', we limit it in ourselves. Period.

It is not that the Universe does not pour forgiveness on us without end, because it does. But, we can't really let it IN... unless it is a waterfall that splashes on everyone!

If we do not allow the blessing of forgiveness of others, we do not allow blessing of forgiveness in ourselves.
This helps me understand what Jesus said: If you do not forgive, you are not forgiven; if you do forgive, you are forgiven.

It is very important to note:
I am not saying we should TRY to forgive, or believe we forgive, or think about forgiving, or read books about forgiving, or do exercises about forgiving!
I am not saying we should beat ourselves up if we don't want to forgive!
I am not saying we should FEEL any different!

Feeling is body communication, and for most of us, our bodies have been though hell!
Our bodies should feel angry, sad, frustrated, UN-trusting, afraid... whatever they are.
We can meet our bodies where they are, love them, help them be safe, communicate with them, help them heal!!
We Must take care for our bodies!!

And meanwhile, what I am talking about is a spiritual choice - to say YES to God and the blessings of God.
I am speaking of spiritual experience of forgiveness.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Are you Ready for life to be EASIER? (secret:) You don't have to be GOOD (or bad!)

If we stop trying hard to be GOOD, look good, act good, do good...
we will run amok, our lives will go down-hill.
I let this LIE stop me, do you?

If we stop trying SO hard
to live up to some picture of what Good might be,
being some 'perfect' person living an 'ideal' life:
  • We will be 'in trouble' (even more!), 
  • Our lives will stop 'working' (even more!), 
  • People won't like us (even more!)
It is useful to write this down!
It sounds somewhat feasible in the semi-conscious action of my life,
but consciously, on 'paper' in the Light, the absurdity becomes more obvious!

Are you willing to let your life get messy now and then?

When I clean out my closet (which, admittedly, rarely happens)
But, when I do - my relatively neat room, becomes a complete mess... awash is stuff everywhere!
The, of course, I get rid of some stuff, reorganize, and the room and the closet become more organized.
My efficiency rises, ease rises, aesthetics rise... but only after they take a big dip!

Same with letting go of ACTING Good.
Sure, sometimes thing will get wonky for awhile,
like all real life, in a world of change: life, relationships sometimes get wonky.
This is just par for the course.

We can't Control the vicissitudes of life, of people...
And it makes us crazy to try!

Want to Accept Life more on its own terms? 

I know ALL is One, Light, Love, Whole... spiritually;
But in this World of Opposites, I get Hooked.
I want to Win, I want to be Popular, Loved, Chosen, Right, Successful...
So I try to be Good, or at least Seem Good, Act Good.

But attaching to Good, is just living a Lie.
Life occurs as Black and While, AND everything in between.
Life occurs as Up and Down, AND everything in between.
Life occurs as Good and Bad, AND everything in between.

Do you want to find more Balance?

When we have been holding ourselves SO far to the White for awhile,
it is a natural balancing behavior to go careening off to the Black,
but soon we find a comfortable equilibrium, if we stop holding on SO tight.

A lot of times when we are experiencing big swings,
or fighting to Sta WAY far Left or far Right...
intense complying and/or intense resisting certain realities or parts of ourself.
We get Mighty STUCK in imbalance.

We are Not any more Free in resistance than we are in compliance.
We are Not any more free when we are attached to Up; than when we are avoiding Up, and therefore we have to be Down.

Many times, we find ourselves back and forth along one thin line, with no real choice,
caught in a dichotomy when there is a world of choices out there,
if we could just Lettttt Goooooo...

Are you willing to do your spiritual work today? so you can Enjoy more Rest for the rest of your life?

There is Freedom available for us, spiritually - and this rest can then leak into our physical life.
Let's let go of the yoke of Bondage to Good, and the other Ideals we have a strangle-grip-on.
There is Rest available for our soul, while playing joyfully in this world.

Let us labor to enter that rest, do the spiritual work that only we can do:
  • Free ourselves from the dichotomies of this world,
  • Be ourselves, and 
  • Allow life to be SO Much Easier!

Monday, November 3, 2014

In your Life Experiment, WHY are you Getting Crappy Results?

Many years go, a friend I love and respect asked me something like this:
Why are you investing So heavily in the theory that
spiritual reality is real,
spiritual healing is possible,
spiritual transformation is the lever you need to shift your life?
At the time, the jury was still out. I had been sick and stuck for about a decade.
I had started investing in my current path, but the rewards hadn’t come yet - I had planted many seeds that hadn’t yet sprouted.
I believed that I was really on to something - and I was!
But very little was yet showing in the outside world.

So, I said to him - I am consciously making an experiment of my life:
  •   Is this spiritual stuff real or isn’t it?
  •   Does being who I AM and following my spiritual senses WORK or NOT?
  •   Is God REAL or not?
  •   Does following my unique spiritual path 'work'?  Does it ‘pay off’ or doesn’t it?
He said - this is a Big Gamble!
What if this doesn’t work out?
What if you are wrong?

I said - it is my life and this is how I choose to invest it
I believe it is worth a try!

And I am so grateful to report, since I started this experiment in earnest Autumn of 2002, it has actually worked-out swimmingly!

Most of us are not conscious that
ALL of us utilize our lives as experiments!

But most of us are not really clear on what we are testing and what results we really want.
We usually take some form of what parents, teachers, peers, authorities, religions, corporations, bankers, and marketers say - their beliefs, limits, expectations, shoulds
And we live THROUGH that - in compliance and/or resistance to this programming.

Sometimes as we get more mature, we get more conscious.
We mean to live through idea(s) of poets, writers, religious thought or doctrine,
or an Ideal like Love, Peace, Joy.
Or a targeted outcome - making a ‘good’ living, a ‘happy’ family life, being a ’nice’ or 'giving’ person

What are you testing?
What are your results?
DO you want an Easier way to get better Results?

How about this:

What would it mean for you to finally walk the path to COME HOME TO YOURSELF?
  •  BE with your body, your desires, your tastes, your delights
  •  Take back your own Free-WIll - own back your will from the education, socialization, ethics, religion, thought and expectations you have been marinating-in, releasing the programming we get packed with.
THEN from the Driver’s Seat of your body, your life, your soul - to really hear, see, touch, taste, smell, know your True Self and your Own Self.
  •  Not who you should BE, but who you ARE.
  •  Not what you should DO, but what your true expression IS.
  •  Not where you should GO, but your Natural Flowing, Shining, Service in the world.
What would that be like for you?
Wanna find out?


Saturday, November 1, 2014

You can't be who you Really ARE, can you? (Yes! Come on in, the water's fine)

  • Are you holding the opposites within yourself  - BOTH this And that?
  • Do you wonder how you hold So Many voices, within yourself?
  • Do you hide the beauty and terror of your internal expereince, and instead opt to fit-in?
Me Too! 
  • Are you Leaving Out parts of who you are?
  • Do you cover-up parts of yourself with some folks, and other parts of yourself from other folks?
  • Are there choices you have made - are making - that you would rather no one see?
Me Too!
I am learning a new way - to be more integrated, authentic... I bet you are too!

It has taken a lifetime for me to learn, and I am still integrating:
  • I really can be spiritually a Mystic and intellectually an Agnostic.
  • I really can be Queer and love God.
  • I really can come from a Christian Foundation, and love the Earth and the Female Face(s) of the Divine.
  • I really can be a Leader and Teacher, as an Introvert.
  • I really can be a Healer, even though I have experienced much of my life as Broken.
  • I really can serve businesses, organizations, and individuals of all stripes as a Psychic - utilizing soul senses and abilities out in the World.

What are your challenges in being yourself?  holding your opposites?

I can not only LIVE my paradoxes, my dichotomies,
OWN back the lost parts of myself...
I can do it with JOY,
and I can do it in SERVICE.

Are you wanting this kind of thing for yourself?

I can BE all of myself here AND there.
I can talk Jesus with Pagans.
I can talk Soul with Agnostics.
I can talk Bisexuality and Polyamory with church ladies.

How are you practicing this in your life?

The more I do it, the easier it is, the better I am heard;
and the more my world shifts, integrates...

Owning all these parts of myself is actually a blessing, not just to me, but for everyone.
Finding wholeness matters.
Modeling wholeness matters.
Acting from our wholeness matters.

Do you want to make this kind of difference in the world?

I am in the continual process of owning and integrating these many disparate parts of myself,
parts of myself that I enjoy more or less, 
parts that are more or less acceptable, in our shared reality;
allowing myself to be myself, become myself in all my unique human beauty.

So are you!
All of us really CAN be who we ARE.
Let's play together, learn together, laugh together, grow together, inspire each other, open our world!

in life
- Wendy


Is Striving for Success leaving you Unfulfilled?

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat.
— commonly attributed to Lily Tomlin 
We can never be rich enough, powerful enough, beautiful enough
to make us feel happy and safe, to believe we are good enough...

Many of us feel empty, hollow, hungry...
like dogs at the track, running after a rabbit we can never catch.

And when we do get a bit of success, it is not long before we feel empty, hollow, hungry... again.
It is like eating candy bar for lunch, it does not satisfy our true needs.

This is because the way we are programmed around success in this culture is a Lie.
If we 'buy' all the information around what success IS and how we should go about it, we are unlikely to end up happy, fulfilled.
If we actually get anywhere near the goals this world set for us, we find out we have squandered our lives for fool's gold. 

The way to be happy,
to be truly successful,
to make a true difference in our world...

is not to follow the herd, not to play small (or to ACT big),
and certainly not to try to operate under all the lies we are told about who we are, what we should do & have, and how we should look, act & be.

The world doesn't need anymore widgets, any more cookie-cutter people.
The world needs YOU.
This is why you are here!
If you don't do what you are here to do, NO ONE CAN.

Being ourselves, aligning with our Source is True Success
... even though we have been programmed otherwise!

The secret to living fulfilled lives is to actually:
  • BE uniquely ourselves.
  • DO our unique calling/path/expression of us.
  • Shine our unique Light.

Sure fine, But HOW?

One of many ways to answer this:
Jesus outlined a relatively straightforward process:
If we want to be well-fed, well-dresses, well-taken-care-of... successful adults, then we:
seek ye first the reign of God and His righteousness, and all these shall be added to you.
- Matthew 6:33

Seek first the Kingdom (Reign) of Heaven = seek spiritual reality and operate from soul information, not from physical focus, pulls of the body/flesh and worldly rules, programming, expectations, and limits.

and God's Righteousness =
  - Listening to and Believing the Voice the Leading of Spirit in our lives (Abraham believed God and it was reckoned to him as righteousness).
  - BEING in right relationship with our Source, in alignment with Spirit, Light, Love, Truth, our spiritual information and our Path...

- and all the necessities of life come to us = we are fulfilled, our needs are met, we are free from striving and worry, to go love and to serve in the world!

This means:
- BEING who we Really Are = a child in the royal family, a spark of the Divine in this world.
- Aligning with Light Love Truth
- DOING what we are actually called to DO by the Living God, who did not get laryngitis 2,000 years ago!

This means:
- Going to your Source
- Finding out who you are
- Filling UP with Glory
- And the going out to DO what ONLY YOU CAN DO in the world.

This is success beyond imagining, it is wealth beyond the dreams of avarice.
And it is available to each and every one of us...
Let's GO!

Sure fine, But HOW?
Well, that is a matter of Soul Practice - be in touch for a workshop, class, or personal session.

Meanwhile, what Lies of Success do you want to release?
What Truths do you choose to embrace, to allow Your Fulfilled Life?

I would love to hear!

- Wendy

Do you believe Jesus can have Great Coaching on how to WIN the Game of Life?

We don’t have to WORRY about Life, Safety, Stuff…
All we need is right here for us.

When we follow our Spiritual Path, instead of the physical way imposed upon us, and driven within us:

When we Spiritually Die, then we spiritually rise:

When we invest where we are Spiritually Led, we reap incredible rewards:

If you have been wondering how to live life:
This is the Way, and
we inexorably WIN. We Can Not Lose.

So, HOW?

Jesus said:
  • Don’t build on Sand, build on Rock… by Doing the will of the Living God, following our unique path!
  • Seek first the Reign of God, Right Relationship with God, and all the things we need come to us.
  • I see my Father doing, and I do... and we are called to as Jesus did - he said we would do greater things than him.

This is not always easy, but it is straightforward:
  • We open to our SOUL Information, our Spiritual Senses.
  • We intend to ALIGN with ourselves and our Source: with our God, our Light, our Love, our Life, our Truth, our Way…
  • We are FILLED & HEALED & FREED Spiritually.
  • We continually let go of the old self and the old ways (this sometimes feels like DYING, because it is!).
  • We continually open to Life HERE & NOW, as it is, as we are.
  • We WALK our own Unique Soul Path, which becomes clearer and clearer, as we walk it.

Do you Really want to WIN the Game of Life?
  • Say YES to your Source, and get ready for the Ride of your Life!
  • Your mind will be BLOWN by what you do, who you be, with-whom you go, where you end up.
  • You inexorably WIN. You Can Not Lose.