(written by guest blogger Ryan)

While browsing the used book store I was inevitably drawn to the “Spirituality” section. Hidden in the sub-section on “2012″ I found a book called Return of the Children of the Light by Judith Bluestone Polich.

Light has come to the forefront of my consciousness through meditation work at SoulTech. I run different colors of light to assist my body and spirit through whatever it is I’m wanting to understand or change. I have seen this light consciousness make material changes in my life; physically, relationally, and emotionally. More than anything this use of light has helped me evolve spiritually.

Presently I understand myself to be part of All that Is; no more or less than anything else in existence. In the book Polich discusses this concept through an investigation of ancient Mayan and Incan beliefs. Further she links ancient spiritual understandings with findings in modern science.

One concept is that human beings (as well as everything else) are light. Literally that we are light; like the light we study in astronomy classes, which spans the breadth of space and time. Polich explains quantum physics; bringing scientific perspective to this spiritually implicit idea. 

Light has frequency. Particles and their actions make up this frequency. Polich says “In experiment after experiment, it has been shown that when the observed function, the wave, interacts with the observing system, the person making the measurement, it changes into a new state.” Basically the intent and participation of the observer changes the frequency of the light.

Polich says, “The implications of these findings are far reaching and significant for the world of everyday activity and human interaction. They imply that by our conscious intent we bring into manifestation what we want to perceive-that we can and do shape our reality.”

Through meditation I have been shaping my life into an entirely different one. Polich describes the experience of awakening. She says “everything may be externally the same, but you are perceiving this world with a new and very clear vision, without limitation or any feelings of futility.” More or less my life is the same externally, but my sense of alrightness with myself, and everything else has made my life a new one.

New lives of light consciousness are possible for anyone, and are, I’ve found, much closer than we are conditioned to think. You are already glowing. You are already knowing. You are here.

(written by guest blogger Ryan)