Thursday, September 1, 2016

Is the energy of your Space Dragging you DOWN? (It's time to Receive a House or Business Healing/Blessing!)

Halloween Special on Home or Office Healings in October

- Feeling funny in your new home?
- Are strange things going on in your space?
- Having problems selling your house?

You can experience your living space as a safe, clear, comfortable container,
in which to create your life!

A few of our Clairvoyant Students/Grads are invited to participate
with me.
So, you may enjoy a several healers assisting your space:
more power, more insight, more healing!

- We will assist you to shift the vibration of your house and yard.
- We will clear out foreign and past-time energy.
- We will invite higher and brighter vibrations into your space.

Freshen your Space!  October special: $50 off
 - usually 1 hr $175, now $125
 - usually 2 hr $275, now $225

Outside Seattle, travel fees may apply.


Contact to schedule your appointment, or for questions:
206-853-8603, e-mail

Personal Note:
When I offer a house healing, I find people much prefer the longer session
- because in 2-hour sessions, we can include folks who live there.

You can receive a healing and some healing tools;
and you can work with us as little or as much as you want to.

IF you would like to be involved (2 hours session only):

1) I can teach you and whoever you would like to invite, a few tools to help you comfortably and easily own your inner space and your home - so you can maintain a higher vibration.

2) If you would like, you can participate (as much or as little as you would like) with us to bless, cleanse, own, heal, release foreign energies, and bring your house to present time.