Saturday, March 14, 2015

Q&A: How do You personally define Abundance?

Question Asked: How do You personally define Abundance?

My Answer, Today:

I define Abundance (the energy /vibration /spiritual gift and the conscious spiritual practice of allowing this IN)
as the incredible richness, energetic possibilities of the Universe, of the Earth, of this earth-game;
as wild, wide-open, limitless opportunity;
as the waterfall of blessings from our Source, that we are all, always within
... but often limiting /resisting.

So, Do I let that Abundance IN, or not? a little or a lot?
I believe this is determined by many factors, especially by Havingness.

I define Havingness, (the energy /vibration /spiritual gift and the conscious spiritual practice of allowing this IN)
as the ability to allow-in the Goodness:  what I have wanted, what I already Have, what I need.
Havingness is a YES to the abundance that IS.
It is opening the door when the UPS driver comes to deliver what I asked-for, ripping open the box, and playing with the contents.

Can I enjoy what I Have? A little or a lot? Briefly or ongoingly?
I believe this is determined by many factors, especially by Gratefulness.

As a soul healer, from my expereince of a lot of these energies over time, I have come to define Gratefulness (the energy /vibration /spiritual gift and the conscious spiritual practice of allowing this IN)
as the ability to BE WITH what IS.
I can enjoy, access, integrate... what I can fully be-with.

What I believe is a really interesting side-note:
I notice this Gratefulness vibration (for me) is (usually) the same color as many other energies which are also BEing with What IS, including:
  • Validation = the Truth (especially of how Awesome we/they/it is).
  • Certainty = trusting my expereince of what IS.
  • Faith = holding onto what Certainty helped us expereince, over time - through the dark night.
  • Healing that is by Knowing/Re-Accessing/Remembering the Wholeness that IS, that we/they/it IS.
  • Forgiveness = same as Gratefulness, same as all these - coming to the place in our soul, where we can BE With what IS.
All these vibrations, to me, usually look the same, but have slightly different flavors /tastes /textures.
  • (A closely aligned energy) Acceptance - often occurs to me as the vibration above, with a little Miracle energy in it... and it is a Potent energy, indeed. 

I know you just asked about Abundance,
but as most people understand /expereince Abundance, these 3 vibrations and practices sum up how I would generally define the expereince/process:

  1. Noticing I am at the best buffet ever: ALL is a Gift (Abundance).
  2. Filling up my plate, my fork, my stomach, my cells; integrating/assimilating nutrition & energy: I allow what I can have, within me, now (Havingness).
  3. Savoring the deliciousness of this expereince, and enjoying the results of these nutrients and empowerment in my body and in my life and in my world: BE/DOing Yummy Thank You (Gratefulness).

In conclusion:
I cannot say enough
- this is not a physical conversation, information, practice.

First and foremost, these
energies /vibrations /spiritual gifts I am speaking about;
and the conscious spiritual practice of allowing this IN these blessings;
These are a soul practice.

Spiritually, the fruits that flow into our conscious expereince, our bodies, our lives and the world around us...
these are Blessings pouring from Spirit into our physical reality. 
Enhancing the joy and goodness and possibilities of our lives, in both our spiritual and physical experience.

Thanks for asking, it was useful for me to think that through, and write it out.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, March 2, 2015

When you Heal Yourself, you Heal the World

I am blessed to be half-way through Empowerment & Self Care for Healers series in Seattle, with an amazing group of budding Healers.

I was just writing some encouragement to them about a really important point, and I thought I would share it here:
  • it can be called Self-care
  • it can be called Heal yourself First
  • it can be called lots of things, but whatever we call it, it is central to being a powerful, capable, sustainable healer/giver/helper/lover:

Put our Own Oxygen Mask on First.
If we do this, we can help others.
If we don’t do this, not only can we not sustainably help others; but things will go badly for us.
So, let's live to help another day!  Let’s put our Own Oxygen Mask on First.

IN ADDITION:  When they see us put on our oxygen mask they get modeling and permission to do it themselves!  Everyone around us shifts, become more capable, their needs are met more.
To shift metaphors: THEY learn to FISH, they don't need Our fish!

In the first class, I shared the illustration of:
Fill our own cup: let the Earth fill our cup, let the Universe fill our cup, let Life fill our cup, let our Source fill our cup!

When we allow our own cup to fill up, and to overflow - we can Always Be Full... and from that place of full to overflowing, we can always be giving/helping/loving/healing... with Ease - from the overflow!

If we refuse to fill our own cup, and instead pour out to others from our own cup - we will always be thirsty, and striving... always.  The giving will COST us.

When I am thirsty, I am always Looking around for water, Taking water from whoever has it, Complaining about no water.
I become an anti-healing in the world, because I am empty, needing - I can not serve others, the world, my Source, my calling... Because I have no time - because I have to find water; and I have no energy - because I am dehydrated!

IN ADDITION: when they see us fill up our cup, they get modeling and permission to fill up their cup themselves!  Everyone around us Shifts, become more Capable, Their Needs Are Met more.  THEY learn to receive within, from the Earth, from the Universe, from Life, from their Source.  They don't need Our water, they are drinking from the Living Water that flows from within each one of us!

Jesus said love others, AS you love yourself.
If we want to love and serve others,
we MUST love and serve ourselves…  let the Earth, the Universe, Life, our Source love and serve us…
If we want to Big love, Big serve, Big help, Big heal others;
then we Must allow/invite being Big loved, Big served, Big helped, Big healed ourselves…

IN ADDITION: when we fill up with love and self-care, we not only allow love IN, more and more we BE Love in the world.  Not only do the people we want to serve get modeling and permission to Allow Love IN.
They energetically learn how to BE Love in their world.
And THEN their friends, family, workmates get a taste of this Love habit too - and so on, and so on...
We send a ripple of Love and Care out through the world... a ripple that has no end.

I say this in dozens of ways in class,
I hope we all hear it, and then BE it, deeper and deeper:
When you Heal Yourself, you heal the World.

in life,