Sunday, January 15, 2017

I took-on my relationship with my Mom...

I was blessed to facilitate a Conscious Embodiment Intensive - a healing circle for mature women healers, the second half of last year.

We each had an Embodiment Project for the 6-months.
I took-on my relationship with my mom.
I can’t tell you how different my relationship with her is, I am shocked - it is subtle and profound.

I have lived in Seattle for 14 years, and my Mom came to visit for the first time, along with my niece A (who I LOVE)
I looked forward to my Mom coming, as much as A.  I enjoyed my Mom being here, as much as A. This is Crazy!

I didn’t fight with my Mom, judge her or resist her. 
I was myself with her, said what I wanted and didn’t perform according to her perfect pictures.
This is Crazy!

Our relationship is more comfortable, real, and far more enjoyable than I ever remember.

But, also, completely predictably, but surprising to me:

  • My relationship with my partner Michael, 
  • as well as my former parter and life-long friend J, 
  • and cascading to other smaller heartbreaks, and experiences of Abandonment and Betrayal 

... all have shifted deeper and I am being more free, easy, open.

My ability

  • to BE with, 
  • to let down walls, 
  • to let Love in, to let Love out, 
  • to be with what is/was/and will be (forgive)… 

more deeply - has really changed in the last 6 months.

ALL because I intended to release the wall I had with my Mom,
my hand up saying STOP: you can come this close, but no closer; you will not hurt me again!!!

This Conscious Embodiment Intensive structure and the wonderful women who showed up, supported my shift.
It wasn’t hard, and it didn’t take a lot of time.
But, the intention has unfolded magnificently, way beyond any expectation.

in LIFE! Wendy