Thursday, August 21, 2014

What can I get from Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools classes?

I have been sharing Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools class with hundreds of people, since 2005.
Taking a class just like this, changed my life forever;
and I am still ridiculously enthusiastic about sharing these amazing spiritual tools with others.

I have noticed a trend over the years.
There are 3 main reasons people tend to participate in Tools classes:

1) they want to comfortably and safely open up to their soul / psychic information:
    learn to turn up (and/or down) their soul senses, so they can consciously function at full spiritual strength and ability.

2) they want to deepen spiritually, move along their unique path of soul evolution:
    deepen spiritual relationships with their body, the earth, their connection to the Divine, and All of their Relations.

3) they want to heal... and create new experiences, within themselves & in their world:
    transform their body, life, relationships, finances, vocation, creativity, empowerment…

Folks tend to come for some variation of the reasons above - and folks tend to get Far More than they bargained for! 

Participants tend to see true shift within them, and in their outer experience, over the course of the first month!
In the long-run, participants tend to open to ALL of the above and more.

If you are interested in opening psychically, deepening spiritually, or inviting healing & creating - please come and give it a try!

See here for: What to expect in Intro classes.


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