Saturday, October 1, 2016

We can learn and choose Mastery, Spiritual Seniority: How would that change our lives? our world?

From my perspective, this quote is about being spiritually Senior:
  • DOing what it takes, as the Captain of our Ship...
  • Having Mastery of spiritually living in this body, dancing in this world, co-creating what we are here to share...
  • Taking back our Free-will, our spiritual Power, our soul Authority, the Agency we need to sing the song we are here to sing...
  • BEing the Master, the Chooser of our inner experiences, our outer actions, our soul destiny...

Spiritual Seniority is NOT our culture's average way of being & doing:
  • Having Agency is NOT how most of us are raised.
  • BEing the Captain is NOT where most of us stand.
  • Most of us are NOT well-equipped to do this, to have this, to be this, to co-create this - for ourselves or for others.

In one hidden part of our lives, or all over our lives
- A lot of us stand without tools or support, in the place of:
  • "it is happening to me",
  • "I don't have a choice"
... the place of 'victim'.

This is so sad.
Living in the place of 'victim' is creating
  • such pain, such fear, such stuck-ness;
  • such lies of shame, of unworthiness, of powerlessness, of choice-lessness...
  • weigh us down and can poison us to our core.
  • undermine the Beauty of who we Truly Are.
  • divert the Glory we can experience and powerfully co-create through in this world.

So many of us living in the place of 'victim':
  • it is a travesty,
  • a terrible waste of human potential.

... And our children learn monkey-see-monkey-do,
they learn what they live.
And the cycles Repeat.

Meanwhile, I believe there is a lot of spiritual hope.
I believe, "where we trip is our treasure"
On our healing/ transformation path, we can find along the way:
  • we become strong in the broken places...
  • we become wise where we were foolish and gentle where we were controlling & bossy...
  • we become uniquely available to comfortably and powerfully serve/ help/ heal/ BE with particular people and situations
I believe Book II of our lives really can start right now:

  • We can play a new game - sitting in the place of 'winners' not 'losers'.
  • Those of us who have lived 'under it' - can walk above it.
  • We can allow a different experience of life - standing in Victory, not victim-hood.

Not by might nor by power, but by Spirit:
We can learn and choose Mastery, Spiritual Seniority. 
How would that change our lives? our world?

I am on-fire about the opportunity for each one of us
to step into our own spiritual Seniority;
and the huge difference this makes in our own lives and in our world
... physically, spiritually, relation-ally, emotionally, intellectually, etc.

I pray you have/ find soul tools & practices,
as well as a place to spiritually stand,
to support you on your unique journey of Mastery.

Blessings on your Unique Path,

The center of my ministry is to equip, support, inspire spiritual Seniority.


  1. Earlier today, my (Chicago) daughter and I discussed this very idea in a cellphone conversation...and SHE was referencing a series by Elizabeth Gilbert who was discussing "who gets to tell you who you are?" on a podcast.
    Seems like several of us are getting the same message at once. Too cool for school, Wendy!

  2. Yes, I am hearing this theme all over lately - many different paradigms and language-ing - but, same basic point.
    Many coming to spiritual maturity, these days!
    Thanks for sharing, Gretchen
    :) W