Monday, July 10, 2017

Take Your Place, on the Stage of Your Life: OWN your Voice Retreat: Upstate NY, Labor Day Weekend 2017

Are you Ready to Take Your Place, on the Stage of Your Life?

- Being Seen & Heard; Making your Unique Contribution.

- Knowing you Deserve to BE You, and to DO Your Thing.

- Realizing: we All Need to hear Your Voice in the Universal Chorus.

OWN Your Voice! Retreat - Upstate NY, Labor Day Weekend, 2017

Deepen into your birthright, be more:

- Free, to just Be, Do, Say... Simply Sing.

- Empowered, in your own free-will.

- Enlivened, to live, to grow, to blossom, as YOU.

Strengthen your strong and sure Foundation, within; supporting you to feel more:

- Safe & Sound; living & creating from a place of Ease – no matter what happens in your world.

- Worthy of attention & self-expression.

- Centered in the knowledge that You Matter; and your gifts & your message Matter.

Savor Peace & Quiet, the space to BE:

- Comfortable in your own skin; even as you go Higher, Wider, Wilder...

- Connecting & Communicating with self, others and the world; Hearing and being Heard.

- Present with Life and with your Song – pausing to magnify the deliciousness of the notes.

Heal into your Essential Wholeness, so you can enjoy Singing; become more able to:

- Shift your vibration by singing: access Beauty, bring Joy to your World... in your everyday life.

- Play, Risk with your voice... alone, in groups... Just Sing, sing a Song... without all the angst ; )


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