Thursday, September 7, 2017

the independence and interdependence of the major body chakras

I wrote this post to review and explicate some distinctions for recent meditation participants, and I thought I would share:

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, which refers to the different energy centers within our body.
There are very many of these, all over our system - big and small.

Several years ago, the metaphor of the tiered tray started coming to me, as a way to see and nurture the relationship between the Major chakras of the body.
I like the image becasue it shows how the major body chakras are both independent and interdependent.

Each chakra is unique, with focused intelligence & genius, specialized abilities & responsibilities.
All the chakras are connected:
the upper chakras build on the lower ones,
the lower ones are watered by the upper ones.

Leading to a cornucopia of blessing thoughout our own system
and fortifying us to BE who we are in the world, DOing what we are here to do, what only we can do!

It is vital that we gently awaken and nurture all of our energy centers to help us enjoy a powerful, integrated human life.

- If we want a sustainable and safe spiritual journey,
- if we want to enjoy our human embodied lifetime,
- if we want to expereince deep connection with others, and/or the bliss of Divine expereince,
- if we want to actively dive into spiritual evolution...

If we want any of these things, or most anything else in this life:

We cannot skip steps
We cannot run ahead to high spiritual experiences and ignore the base.

And at the same time, If we want a joyful, fulfilled human experience,
it behooves us to go beyond the basics of physical focus and existence, to spiritual depth.

Remembering and investing-in
- the independent fruition of
- the interdependent relationship between
ALL our major chakras

So in very simple terms:

from grounding, being supported from the earth,

supporting our (1) root chakra,
our relationship with this reality - safe, basic needs met, belonging

supporting our (2) sacral chakra,
our relationship with our body experience, communication, expression

supporting our (3) solar plexis chakra,
our relationship with our will, power, the energy we need and how we use it.

supporting our (4) heart chakra,
our relationship with the spiritual Oneness that IS, All our Relations.

supporting our (5) throat chakra,
our relationship with communication, self-expression, the stories we live-in.

supporting our (6) brow chakra,
our relationship with how we see the truth, past the lies; seeing our Way.

supporting our (7) chakra,
our relationship with knowing our Way, Light, Love, Truth, Glory, Wisdom, Unique experience of the Divine... spiritually IN our body, engaged in our life.

And at the same time, the blessings of these upper chakras rain down upon the lower ones - enlivening, feeding, filling them with the water of life...


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