(written by guest blogger Ryan)

Recently, in personal session with Wendy, I worked on getting spiritual authority in the space where I live.
There was dark energy in the house, of which I noticed two things:
  1. When I encountered this energy (both in my waking life and in my dreams) I was able to own my own space by consciously establishing my aura.
  2. I was uncomfortable or unable to establish energetic authority outside my aura.

“Aura” is the space 1-3 feet around my physical body which I have learned to work in spiritually. It is “my” space. In meditation, I focus light and vibrational work inside this space. It houses my energetic channels and my physical body. The more I meditate the more it becomes a part of me; like my hands and feet.

As I heal and grow I become energetically clean enough and aware enough to notice when things are awry within my space. I also have tools to return my space to my liking.

…as if that wasn’t cool enough….

Both in this past session and in weeks prior I have realized that (surprise) there is more growth to be had! I am now becoming aware of the energy outside my space, how it is sometimes misaligned with my own vibration, and how it is affecting me.

When I was trying to correct the dark energy in my home I got stuck. First I worried it was because the energy was menacing and thwarting my spiritual abilities, but then I realized it was an internal sticking.

Authority on a larger scale; I felt like it wasn’t my place to influence.  When I was prompted to own the space I hardly even wanted to try. I had a sense of not deserving, not right and not allowed. (wow; that’s a lot of nots). The word “authority,” to me, had a bad connotation.

My beautiful teacher did not give me her perception on the hang up, but rather assisted me to find the truth for myself. To do this Wendy suggested I call on Ascended Master Ganesha.

Ganesha runs his energy like a boulder descends a hill; power rolling strong and dense. In my practice I see the color purple as seniority energy, or in other words authority. Ganesha runs purple through his cosmic channels. His vibrations teach me how to gain seniority in my life over people, events, fears and so on.

What was happening with the aversion to authority, I asked him; our conversation went something like this:
Ryan: “Why should I access authority outside my own aura space?”
Ganesha: “Purple is just another crayon in the box.”
Stop making it such a big deal the master told me. Authority is just one of the colors needed to draw a spiritual rainbow; no more or less than the other vibrations.

Vibrations which I already feel comfortable raining down to ground or to heighten the vibration of any given space. I run other colors freely like the blues of faith and certainty, the pinks of amusement and affinity, and the golds of spiritual vitality and cleansing. So too should I run with rampant abundance the purples of authority and seniority. I’m not trying to dictate the space in a Hitler kind of way; I’m trying to assist it spiritually. The intention is good.

Ganesha meant for me to learn that exercising seniority is one component of being a conscious spirit and powerful being. That authority is spiritual.

I believe that my purpose on Earth is to fully embody my present spiritual potential. By choosing to change and grow, I contribute to the benevolent and magnificent expansion of the universe.

Today I learned that yet another physical/societal conception was blocking me from my God-ness.
In my personal evolution as spirit the time has come for me to play my part through the authorial influence of space outside myself. Making this shift is as easy and powerful as I let it be. Ganesha has already shown me the way. Now to sit back and be the change.

Meditate with Purple! Click to try an At Home Exercise: for Authority and Seniority

(written by guest blogger Ryan)