(written by guest blogger Ryan)

In Seattle I have the pleasure of being Wendy’s student. Through her teaching and my own dedication I have developed my spiritual practice to a deep and effective level.

Before meeting Wendy I held belief in the goodness of the universe and the concept of non-separateness. But, not until I acquired tools to nurture my soul’s relationship with my body in present time did I understand my spiritual empowerment.

Today I understand I am part of a Divine Whole. I feel this in my head and my heart; I know this.
Yesterday, while meditating at the Jardin du Luxembourg I noticed my third chakra (power chakra) was hesitant to open. I am in a new place, surrounded by people who don’t speak my language, people who I’ve been told will judge me because I am foreign to them. This is scary. I am staying in someone’s home who I barely know. This is unusual. I’m on a grand adventure; leaping into areas of the world as well as expressions of myself which prior to now I did not believe I could conquer.

Matching ascended master Jesus, I asked for his guidance. He said “do not be afraid to express your power, for it is the power of God.”

All my life I’ve run into trouble for “being myself,” so as a separate “me” I naturally fear confrontation with separate “others.” Jesus was telling me: “express unity.”

When I am aligned with my own truth, when I have sought and found what I see to be right for me, it is best to act on those truths. It is best to attempt to communicate with the Parisians in my terrible American accent because I am intending to speak to them from a place of light. It is best to live and act on what I think is right for me in each moment, despite what others’ truth for me may be.

The more I believe in my own light, the more this light is recognized by others- for they too have light. Whether consciously or unconsciously our light attracts and makes the world brighter.
More than speaking languages, this practice generally applies to trusting myself…

It is always easier to trust God than to trust myself;
but what I know now
is that they are the same thing.

(written by guest blogger Ryan)