Sunday, December 16, 2012

Empaths: Let's Be Free!

Spiritual freedom and joy are a real and actual possibility for each of us,
available whenever and wherever we choose to manifest/co-create them.

Just like our physical senses and abilities,
Life Gave us gifts of spiritual/energy senses to enjoy and find our way,
as well as spiritual/energy abilities to serve spiritual evolution, to serve others, to serve ourselves
These Empower and Equip us to lead Awesome lives... They are NOT meant to make us suffer! 

If your energetic/psychic senses and abilities are causing you distress...
It comes down to this, pretty much:
  • If the radio is too loud, turn it down, and then go on with your life!  
  • If you don't know how to turn the radio down - find out!
  • Now that you have read this, I hope you never again tell yourself:   I just have to live with this radio screaming in my ear, I have no choice, it is just my 'cross to bear'... because it is not!
  • Having a radio is a beautiful gift of music and communication, education and entertainment... being able to turn it up, down, on , off - that is just basic operating instructions!

Many suffer, and it really sucks.
I know this with my life because I lived in depression and chronic physical illness for decades, in large part because I was too energetically/psychically open and I took on way too much energy and emotion from others.

BUT, from the time I started learning inner tools, over a dozen years ago, all this started to turn around. 
I am free in a way I never imagined I could be... and you can be too!

I work with people every day in psychic development,
and ONE of the many things we handle is managing empathic info and energy.
It is easy to learn and practice for most people. 

Everyone I have worked with, who chooses to shift their experience and shift their life, has done so:
  • With training of one evening, many can shift. 
  • Others take a few weeks to a few months, because of the layers of choices and habits in their system that hold their old way of victim and overwhelm in place.  
  • For many of us, there are parts of our system that don't want to be free, joyful, powerful, and in the drivers seat of our lives - this must be addressed and shifted.
  • There is great value in receiving psychic training, rather than suffering through decades of trying to figure out the 'ropes' by oneself, or the blind leading the blind.

Together, let’s stop the tremendous suffering going on about this, when it is so incredibly unnecessary. 
If you are suffering, I encourage you to be UN-stoppable in your quest, until you find the tools you need to shift, and begin savoring your life! 
It is a great service to ourselves, to our loved-ones, to our shared world, and to Spirit, when we allow ourselves to let go of heaviness and darkness, and allow ourselves to be Light and Life in our world.

Empaths: Let's Be Free!

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