Friday, May 20, 2016

Empowerment & Self Care for Healers

Basic Healing Training Includes:
  • Training & Practice to offer safe & powerful Spiritual / Energy Healing, utilizing earth & cosmic energy.
  • Working together with Angels, Ascended Masters & Healing Masters.
  • Fundamentals of Self-care, so you can comfortably serve yourself, Spirit and your clients for a lifetime.
  • Dozens of SoulTech Inner tools to powerfully leverage Healing in your life and safely assist in the lives of others.
  • Learning to utilize and enjoy more than a dozen particularly useful Energies to support Healing.
  • 11 Practices that create a Healing Environment.
  • 9 distinctions about how we heal: What is Spiritual Healing? 
  • 7 contributors: What is illness, from a spiritual perspective?
  • 5 Distinctions: BEing healing in the world.

The outline above is 15-30 hour course, depending on how deep you want to go, and well-practiced you want to be.
I have and I can offer shortened Empowerment & Self Care for Healers workshops for Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Energy Healers...  from 2 - 6 hours.
Of course, longer is better!  But something is much better than nothing!  ; )

Advanced Healing Training: Advanced Healing Program, Opening to Soul/Psychic Information & Abilities, Conscious Creating, and Powerful, Safe Spiritual Teaching all builds from here!

Founder, Wendy, a Soul / Psychic / Energy / Spiritual Healer,
brings a good deal of training, life expereince, 'clinical experience', and spiritual wisdom to the table.
But, ultimately, Spirit leads the way.

Want to read more?
Try: Learn more about SoulTech Healing
and Developing Your Soul Senses & Spiritual Abilities

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