Monday, January 4, 2016

We want a better Life, so Why is CHANGE So HARD? (And how it can be easier!)

The New Year begins - so often there is a pull towards change...
we want to change our life, our bodies, our relationships, our world...

How about this year, we do it the Easy Way?
Let the horse lead the cart, not the other way around!

We don't Have to change everything, today.
We don't Have to rearrange our whole life.
Actually, we don't have to change anything at all on the physical, today.

Even if life has been Really Intense, and we feel at the end of our rope...
We don't Have to drop our agreements, divorce our partner, run from our kids, eschew our friends, quit our jobs, leave home with only a bindle (a hobo stick ;)

For the little or big shifts we want to see in our world,
for now, in our lives,
we can choose to keep our current plates spinning, stay on our current trajectory in our physical lives.  Because...

If we Really want to change
(not just rearrange chairs on the Titanic)
the place to begin, is within.

SO, Today, how about we:
Dedicate ourselves more deeply to our inward quest.

How about we start by getting our free-will back.
We can intend to find our freedom, permission, power, and spiritual senses... within.

Let nothing stop us on our soul journey, that leads to LIFE, Abundantly...

Our inner journey shifts our world - inside us and outside us -  it knocks our socks off!
It will for every one of us, it always does.
And from there, our outward life changes of its own accord, it has to!

When we intentionally shift on the inside,
the outward shifts practically take care of themselves.

When we say YES to Life (YES to God, YES to our Unique Way, YES to Light, Love, Truth... however you want to say it ;)
Then Life says YES right back to us!
That spurs a Wild Ride, inside and outside our skin.

So, if you Really want to Change, Heal, Grow, Transform:
Don't waste your time and energy trying to change on the outside - Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
Instead, shift your inner world - Actually Turn the Boat!
Your life, and your world, will never be the same.

I just so happened to have recently posted on my Life, Abundantly blog, about getting out Free Will and our True Power back - instead of trying to use Willpower (which doesn't work ; ) - I hope you check it out!

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