Monday, February 1, 2016

Love is in the air... let's spiritually breathe it in

Blessings of Amazing Abundance & Possibility
are in and around us, all the time and everywhere.

One of these energies we can consciously invite IN:
True Love without bounds.

Now wait a minute!
Many of us are not experiencing Love in ourselves, in our lives, in the world - it seems in short supply!
What is going on with that?

Whether in a long-term relationship or single, many of us deal with the same issues:
  • a story of loneliness,
  • unfulfilled desires,
  • an experience of UN-wholeness.

Our desires are amazingly similar among many of us:
  • We want to feel complete and connected.
  • How do we get someone to Truly love us and validate us for who we Are?
  • What do we have to do, to savor comfortable companionship?
I believe so many of us share these UN-LOVEly experiences,
because most of us aren't actively inviting the spiritual energy, the vibration, the blessing of Love,
into ourselves, into our lives.

We have been taught and trained
to cast about outside ourselves in the world, for what we want - to get what we need from others.
But, That Does Not Work... at least not for long!

I strongly believe, I have found for myself, and seen in many others:
The Secret is:
We can spiritually:
  • LET-GO of the blocks to Love, that get in the way of us experiencing the Oneness that IS, and
  • LET-IN what we need, invite / welcome / remember the Love we desire!
  • THEN everything starts to shift within us... and in our world.  

For example:
If we spiritually stay in the flow of Love, we are filled-up with Love - all the way UP!
Which takes some time for most of us, because most of us are SO empty!!

WHEN we say YES to the spiritual Blessing of Love - which is always available to all of us...
At the Same Time, the Love blessings splash all around us as well - Blessing others and blessing the Earth with Love.
Everyone and everything we are in contact with, is invited into the spiritual song and dance of Love!
The more we say YES to love, the Bigger the flow, the More flow for us, and the more everyone and everything around us is blessed-with Love!

As Love pours in and through us continually... as we overflow with Love…
Love pours out from us to others, to the world

When we rest-in the FULLness of Love,
when we bask and bake in it;
everything that is not Love within us washes away.

As we BE in the energetic blessing of Love,
we become Love, we remember that we ARE Love.
Not just full of Love, spiritually we become more and more the vibration of Love - our true essence.

All this happens, and more, when we say YES to the spiritual blessing of LOVE.
And We totally WIN!
Life is Amazing.

Meanwhile, of course, like icing on the cake:
then we naturally magnetize Love in our outside life, as well;
our experience in our lives and in the world shifts to an expereince of Love.

I am not making this up, this is not a mirage:
As we allow this practice of Love to transform us,
our experience of love in the world,
our satisfaction in our relationship(s)

can completely blossom.

But we must have the cart behind the horse.
We expereince love - spiritually, within.
From there we expereince love - everywhere.

Love is in the air... let's spiritually breathe it in.
I encourage you to practice being / saying YES to the Unlimited blessings of the Universe - including Love.
I am sure, that your life and your world will never be the same!


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This song took up residence in my head as I wrote this blog (hope you enjoy it ; )
"Love Is in the Air" is a 1977 disco song sung by John Paul Young. The song was written by George Young and Harry Vanda. 

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