Friday, April 21, 2017

Enough! Receiving & Giving... and Boundaries! with Mother Mary - online workshop

Goodbye Resistance, Hello Glory!
Our Deepest needs met, and serving the world from there.

We live in a cornucopia of Grace: we ARE and we Have Enough!
  • We can let-go of the pernicious lies that we are broken, lacking, undeserving...
  • We can let-go of the pernicious lies that we don't deserve the the profligate gifts of Heaven, the ridiculously abundant gifts of the Earth.
  • We are safe IN God - we can trust, tomorrow, we are gonna be and have Enough, so we can LIVE Now!

We can deeply serve ourselves, our world, and Spirit, by finding our own edge, and holding our Boundaries.
  • We can STOP 'putting up with', let-go of victim patterns.
  • We can say NO! (and make lots of room for bigger YESes!)
  • We can find our true soul Power, and our lost or broken Free-Will.
We can Dance with Life, what we like and what we don't like, with Freedom and Joy!
  • We can get un-Stuck, stop judging and RESISTing.
  • We can let-go of fighting - which holds what we don't like in place - and instead invite flow, change.
  • We can trust ourselves and the leading of spirit to create inner and outer structures that align with who we ARE and what we are here to DO, what only we can do!

We can comfortably and sustainably Help & Heal, Give & Share from Abundant Overflow!
  • We can live in a waterfall, in a spring, of grace and wild blessings - let's let it in.
  • We can let go, let God. We don't have to hold on so tight, try to control... We can allow what is NEXT for us!
  • We can notice the beauty and gift of an *I* / *THOU* relationship - honoring our own and their unique selves.

->  Enough!  Receiving & Giving... and Boundaries!  with Mother Mary

Online Workshop Every Friday afternoon in May, in Seattle 
(Friday evenings in New York, and Saturday mornings in Sydney)
This is not an intellectual process - this is not something to just listen-to.
I am leading your though a spiritual expereince.
We will be together in deep meditation, tuning into yourself, in spiritual communication with the God of your Heart, playing with Mother Mary...
You Can miss the live broadcast, if you Must, and meditate with the audio, on your own
but you Must be present and interactive for the first session,
OR you can enjoy a private session with me before meditating through sessions on your own,
OR have worked with me directly, in the past.

Timing is like this in Seattle, please translate for your area:

Friday, May 5, 12, 19, 26

3:30 - 4 pm - lines open, we begin to gather, check-in, some time to share a healing with one or two folks
4 - 5 pm - Meditation Workshop - please make time and space to put your full attention on this expereince.
5 - 5:30 pm - lines stay open, time to answer questions, hear your experiences...

Please contact me to Register now, this workshop begins soon.

Blessings on your Unique Path,
in Life!

I gave the talented Gretchen Williams a short description of the picture I was given for this workshop, last night, and i woke up to all these beautiful pics this morning!  She owns the rights to these pics and I am using by permission.  You can contact her here.

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