Monday, April 17, 2017

True Certainty and Humility as Friends

This is a short back and forth I had with a friend this past weekend:

I said:
friend said:
no you said y

I said:
no, i said x,
apparently, you heard y

friend said:
no you said y

I said:

Owning our own experience
AND honoring the experience of others
is an advanced soul skill.

In my experience,
this skill requires True Certainty and Humility.

And can lead us to deeper
wisdom, relationships, empowerment...


I define True Certainty as
trusting, believing, relying-upon our own perception, senses, experience…
This is from our everyday, physical experience; as well as our internal, soul expereince.
(In my definition, it isn’t a rational thing - it is much wider and deeper )

Our own True Certainty is much needed;
and generally in short supply in our society.

Many try to find certainty from others,
buy Their certainty instead of finding and growing our Own.
This is a journey in the wrong direction: bad fruit, IMO/E.

Other’s certainty leads us on their paths… not our own.
We look through their eyes, hear through their ears… not our own.
We follow their perceptions, go in the direction they are led, live-through their beliefs, act in their best-interests… not our own.


At the same time, we cannot push our own True Certainty onto others.
We can only encourage each other to find and stand-in our OWN Unique True Certainty.

We cannot know or share other peoples truth for them.
We cannot shove our certainty down their throats.

We can only, with humility, say our own truth, from our own perspective…
Honoring that they might experience differently.

IF what I say resonates with them, great.
IF they can hear it, and own it for themselves, in alignment with their own perspective, great.
IF they do not resonate, it is not their truth, great.

it is that simple, IMO/E.
Can we just
- let it be?
- let each other be?
- maybe learn and grow and shift into some more useful place?

Can we flexibly stand in a powerful place:
- Do we have the Active Power of our own Certainty to stand where we are, and honor where they stand?
- Do we have the Receptive Power of our Humility, to allow them to have their own journey, different from our own?


From where I stand:
as a person,
as a citizen,
as a soul/psychic healer and teacher:

- It is Vital that we each build the strength of Certainty and Humility,
so we can stand powerfully in our own truth, and speak it…
AND stand-for others to do the same.

- It is Vital that we speak in a way that leaves lots of room for the other’s experience.


When we share what we experience, from where we stand:

- Sometimes they will shift, that is great.
- Sometimes we will shift, that is great.
- Sometimes, no one will shift, that is great.

ALL of this, if we stay in this Game, is a chance for each of us:
- to practice, to build our soul muscles of Humility and Certainty,
- to stand on rock, not shifting sand,
- to each walk our own way, truth, light, life…

in my expereince,
THIS is a powerful aspect of True Certainty and Humility as friends.

What is your experience?


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