Friday, June 20, 2014

How can we make it Safe to Come Out?

From my perspective, this short video, Safe in my hands, applies to ALL of us,
each of us shines the Light in our own UNIQUE way
... and sometimes we feel vulnerable as who we Are, with our own relationship to the Universe, following our specific and unique path.

Sometimes we feel like a round peg in a square hole.
Sometimes we wonder:  will we find relationships where we really feel like we fit. Will folks we love see us, know us, love us as we ARE.
Sometimes we feel judged and excluded by others.

Sometimes the best parts of ourselves and our lives
- our very Distinctiveness, our Individual Gifts, the Special way we Understand and Relate to the Divine
can feel like dark blessings.

Sometimes living an authentic life can be really challenging!
AND despite all this, I would like to encourage us all:

It is a huge blessing for ourselves and others, to be our true selves and walk our unique path.
There is nothing better for us, no way we could enjoy more success, or love, joy, peace.
There is nothing we can do better for the world than to behold and reflect the Glory into the world, in our own special way.
We bring Light, Love, Truth, Divinity into the world in ways, places, times that could not happen otherwise.

Life is a process of Coming Out, for all of us.
Let's make it as Safe to Come Out as we can - for ourselves and each other.
Let the Light Shine!

What is your expereince with Coming Out as yourself - to yourself, to others?

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