Sunday, June 1, 2014

Q&A: Is your style 100% spiritual?

Regarding Coaching: Is your style 100% spiritual?
Do you incorporate the material and real concerns we have in this world?
in a way that is enlightened and not purely human desire.

Great Questions! Thanks for asking.

We together stand in a spiritually-focused space, and address your spiritual and physical, emotional, intellectual, relational, sexual, financial, etc  concerns... from a spiritual perspective
Yes, not from the space of emotions, thoughts, desire, sexual or survival impulses, power trips, etc - but from a more neutral and amused perspective.

AND, we together also spiritually assist your BODY to integrate this Lighter perspective into your daily life
It is all about Being spirit IN body... ON the Earth, WITH All our Relations - this is the Soul challenge, opportunity, joy!

Best to you in your Journey!

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