Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Love is nothing other than finding the Truth

Love is nothing other than finding the truth.
- Rumi

A friend asked about this quote, I said:

I didn’t used to grok this quote, because I wanted an *intellectual* answer.
In the end, this quote, and the consciousness it points-to, is not an intellectual exercise.
From my perspective, Rumi is pointing to a mystical / spiritual experience.

I believe Rumi is using poetry to point to something.
(like a finger pointing at the moon ; )

I am in process of realizing the wisdom of Rumi’s quote more & more,
because I am more and more dedicated to experiencing the wisdom beyond the intellect - spiritually knowing, seeing, hearing... experiencing of spiritual reality

It is challenging to speak about spiritual reality, becasue, generally, it doesn't make sense to the everyday mind..
Here are some ways to address Rumi's quote with a kind of logic:

What is the truth? All is ONE.
Affinity (the yummy part of love) is the spiritual Experience of the spiritual Truth of our spiritual Oneness…


‘God’ is Love
'God' is Truth

Some folks’ mental pictures of the world might like these logical assertions, some may not.
It doesn’t matter, in the end…

IMO, what does matter is that we go to the ‘well’ and ‘drink’!
This Really Matters!
Enjoy the water, bathe in the water, let the water into every cell, all of our attention filled with this water, experienced through this water... NOT to sit thinking all day about drinking or about thirst!!

So, I encourage us all to continue to explore beyond the finger:
all the way to the moon!!

When we allow actual spiritual experiences beyond our analyzer, beyond the physical, beyond duality:
these experiences can be accessed, our thirst quenched, and our life enriched by BEing the delight of living Truth, living Love;
not just trying to understand Love with our limited, little brains (as useful as they are).

I am off to get a drink...
in Life, Wendy

Yes, I shifted to metaphors - commonly used to mystics to say Something about Spiritual Reality… did someone say parables ;)

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