Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I: You are already a Spiritual Reader, Creator, Healer, Leader... so why is life so hard?

You are already a Spiritual Reader
You have inner leadings and intuition, you receive soul information - to see, hear, know, feel the truth within you.

You are already a Spiritual Creator
You are manifesting your experiences - inside and outside yourself;  co-creating your body, your life, and your world.

You are already a Spiritual Healer
Your presence matters - you are loving, supporting, serving, helping to make your world better - just Try to stop you!

You are already a Spiritual Leader
You are teaching others by who you BE, what you DO, how you are moving forward in your life - in the face of many obstacles.

You are already a Spiritual Reader, Creator, Healer, Leader... Look out world!
What more could you want, could you need?
Well... for most of us, that isn't the case:
Many of us are flying Blind.
Our spiritual eyes, ears are closed to the very info we need to thrive.  We are unclear about the Energetic Information that is right there at our fingertips.  Someone (them? us?) was afraid of us seeing the truth, didn't like us marching to our own drummer - so we accommodated, we shut-down. 

Some of us are Hiding.
We are inundated with too much input!  Overwhelmed with our own and others emotions, energy, expectations...  We need to turn-down the volume - but instead we have turned it off.  We can learn to comfortably let life Freely Flow around and through us, but instead we contract.

Most of us aren't Shining like we could be.
We are hiding from our pain as well as our joy, from our Light, as well as our Darkness...  We believe the lies that we aren't good enough, don't deserve, should shut-up. We step off the 'stage' and hide in the 'wings'.  Then we ask: Why am I Always the Bridesmaid, but never the Bride?

A lot of us are, well, Stuck.
We are not letting Life and Energy Flow.  We are in Resistance.  We are worn-out by our own habits, and our isometric exercises - fighting ourselves!!  We have had too much of the pain, depression, trauma; we have had too much of the anxiety, worry; we've frozen.  We've fallen and we can't get up.

This was my experience, above.  This is my experience, below:

My clairvoyance opened up spectacularly about 20 years ago - but I couldn't control it, and I saw a lot of scary things!  I had been a big empath since I was young, trying to protect myself in an abusive home - it didn't help.  My spiritual information didn't seem to help me.

I was called as a healer about 20 years ago - but, although I could help others feel better, I only felt worse. I ended up with almost every malady of the massage clients that I helped to heal.  I meant to protect myself, but had not a clue what that really meant.  I was a Healer who couldn't help myself.

I spiraled down into years of chronic illness, bed-bound often, house-bound for years.  Nothing I tried made me better.  I was in terrible pain, no energy, and had layers and layers of symptoms that I could only see getting worse before I finally, horribly, mercifully died.  I was Mighty Stuck. 

But, of course there is more ;)

Things turned around for me when I started doing a type of meditation that helped me shift, helped me utilize my spiritual senses, helped me talk to my body, helped me consciously connect with my Source, helped me let-go of fighting myself and Life as it is, helped me take charge of my life!

I started these practices over a dozen years ago: Everything inside me and outside me in my life shifted dramatically - some faster than others.  I got so excited that I started sharing that meditation, those soul practices, and other people's lives started shifting as well. 

I will share one opportunity to participate in our next training, in the next blog, right below this one.  But really, there are many pathways to transformation.  I implore you: DO NOT STOP until you find a path that works for you, whatever it is, and then Keep Going!  Because life is Awesome, you can savor it.  And the world needs you, we all need you to Thrive so you can make your own Unique contribution!

You are already a Spiritual Reader, Creator, Healer, Leader...
life is Delicious beyond your wildest dreams!  

Let it Be So,


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