Tuesday, June 9, 2015

II: You are already a Spiritual Reader, Creator, Healer, Leader... so Get Plugged IN - NOW!

(this post builds on previous, see here)

As a Spiritual Reader:
You can consciously open in a safe-container, and learn control of this psychic information, so you can consciously be your authentic self, open to your true path, serve in your own unique way…

As a Spiritual Creator:
You can deeply heal and get into alignment with the flow of Life.  You can have clear vision and free-will;  consciously and powerfully be the Captain of your Destiny.

As a Spiritual Healer:
You can safely and comfortably make an even wider & deeper difference in this world, you can give and heal others from a foundation of your own self-care, ease, grace, and empowerment.

As a Spiritual Leader:
You can multiply your positive influence, inspire each person you meet to their highest potential, as you allow heavy darkness to fall-away and let your Light to Shine!

Are you ready? If so - Get Plugged IN!
  • Receive Inner Tools, Distinctions and Support
  • Find you Power, your Brightness, where you Belong...
  • BE yourself, ENJOY your Path, SHINE Your Light!
We offer a series of classes that assist you to:
  • Own your abilities,
  • Leverage your intention,
  • Feel comfortable in your skin, and
  • Make the difference only you can make in this world.

All of these opportunities start here:

    Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools - we call it Psychic Tools 101.
    We have one more Intro Class starting before the Summer Break 2015.

Are you ready to Get Plugged IN! NOW?
  • If so, plan for 6 Wednesday Evenings --  7 - 9 PM (June 17th - July 22nd), near Seattle Center.
  • Or, if you would like a taste of this class before you commit!  Come as my guest on Wednesday, June 17th at 7pm.

    Please contact me with questions or to register at e-mail,  206-853-8603.

    See You Soon!!

    PS  These kinds of opportunities build on this intro class:
  • Healing Hands - learning how to give Aura Healings, powerfully heal yourself and safely assist others…
  • Astral Workshop and Retreat - learn how to access the power of your dreams and out-of-body experiences…
  • Clairvoyant Awareness Program - a longer program where we open to reading and assisting others on a soul level - psychically…
  • Spiritual Teaching and Leadership Program - a longer program where we open to BEing the change we want to see in the world… 
  • Advanced Healing Program -  a longer program where we open to the many facets of Spiritual Healing, starting with ourselves and going form there...
  • and much more!   SO Get Plugged IN! NOW!  

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