Saturday, June 13, 2015

Is allowing the spiritual experience of love a challenging process?

Allowing the spiritual experience of love - Being love - is for many of us a process;
an often challenging process.
We could let it be easier… but we usually don’t ; )

Meanwhile, many of us can just let-go and BE Love a little bit more, right now!
We can allow ourselves to experience the Love that we Are, the Love that IS:
  • In our Bodies: the love that Flows in and through us;
  • As spirit - the love from which we come, in which we live, and to which we inevitably return…

Most of us can say Hello to the spiritual frequency, the song, of Love
in our conscious spiritual experience right Now,
even if only a shadow of the full-mind-blowing experience that is possible.

Some of us are so blocked, it is hard at first. 
But most of us can visit this place (this spiritual experience / focus / consciousness of Love)
- even though many of us are not ready to live there, full-time.

Most of us are not trained or supported to invite / allow this spiritual experience, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t available.
Many of us are merely unskilled in accessing the experience of love spiritually/directly
- this is why learning and practice can make Such a difference for most of us.

Blessings on your path of Love,

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