Tuesday, March 21, 2017

No matter what happens: LOVE IS

Many of us are Quietly (and not-so quietly) Desperate...
- WHY aren't I fulfilled in my Life & my Relationships?
- HOW can I find a stable place to stand?
- WHO will Really be there for me, when I NEED Love? NOW!

Most of us have been trained - programmed - to search-for love, meaning, our ok-ness from "out-there", from a lover, etc.

It took me a few decades, but I have found
this is putting the cart before the horse.

It turns out, putting the cart behind the horse works better
(glad I got that figured out ; )

But, Really, this works SO much better:
First Love, THEN sharing love with others.

When we let our Source love us, Tasting True Love;
when we are Abiding IN ONEness, Surrounded-by LOVE, Filled-with the Presence of Our Beloved;
when we start Actually, Spiritually EXPERIENCING that we ARE Love...

Our Deep Need is supplied.
We are Whole and Complete.

We Can have our cake and eat it too!
And if others add some ice cream on top - well yahoo!
But, no matter what, we are Already IN Deliciousness...
(I think it's been called Life, Abundantly ; )

From here we are FREE!
we can Give and Receive in the world
- just as We are and just as We are not,
- just as They are and just They are not.

We no longer have to chase-after people or places or things or money or achievements...
We no longer have to fret about how we look, or what to do to fit-in...
We no longer have to worry about tomorrow, what we might lose and how we might gain...

No matter what happens:

This is spiritual reality.
And we can expereince this, ever more deeply - in our human journey.

Blessings on your Unique Journey, Wendy

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