Friday, May 9, 2014

Let's Get INSPIRED to Om your Leadership, Om your Life! Pre-course Worksheet and Meditation suggestions for January 31st

Intentions for the Om day (start Now!)
  • Its all about vibrational shift!
  • Let's ALL step into deeper leadership - inside ourselves and in our world - in whatever form is appropriate
Please enjoy this worksheet, to help prepare you for Om day!!

Until Om day - and beyond...
please be meditating, cogitating, pondering, visioning, asking your physical and spiritual friends (God, Angels, Masters, Healing Guides, etc) and journaling...
inquiring in the realm of these questions

We have already started this process on January 13th - whenever you begin - without stress, be with this conversation, and notice what you notice..

Week one - starting Jan 13, please meditate and journal on:

1) For you, what is Leadership?
What does being a Leader look and feel like? How do you Lead? How would you like to be a leader in:

  • Body?
  • Mind?
  • Spirit?
  • your own space, inner life?
  • your everyday world, outer life?
  • your/the world?

2) Where do you want to step into your Leadership?
  • Being a Leader in the world: your home, family, community, neighborhood, work, government, civic and community organizations, local or world influence?
  • Where do YOU want to go? do? be? create?
  • What is CALLING you forward?

3) What is it to You to be a Leader relative to yourself?
  • Where are you in each of these areas below? Where would you like to be?
  • Where are you weak? Where are you Strong?
  • What would you like to be doing to support and strengthen these each day?

Areas to choose from, ideas to get you started 
in creating your own priorities and focus for Leadership inside and outside yourself:

Body - Being embodied in Present-time, Health, Wellness, Fitness, Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Fulfilling body-spirit relationship and communication.
Mind - Mental Sharpness & Focus, Psychological Health, Personal Development, Learning & Teaching, Reading & Writing.
Spirit - Relationship with God of Heart, on Soul Path, Spiritual Growth/Deepening, Filling-up with delicious & nutritious energies. Acting from soul rather than physical consciousness/perspective/information.

Relationships - family, intimates, lover(s), house-mate(s), play-friends/buddies, workmates, healthy, supportive relationship with yourself.
Play - fun, outdoor experiences, sports, rest & recreation, vacation, play dates, cultural activities, arts & crafts, music & dance
Contribution - Service, Work, Vocation, Giving-back
Abundance - having what you need and enjoying your home, transportation, toys, money, clothes, food... Knowing you are in the flow of all good things. Enjoying safety, security and choices relative to the world.


Week 2 - starting January 21st, please meditate and journal on:

Last last week, we were all invited to meditate on Leadership
This next week, we are all invited please meditate, cogitate, ponder, journal around Ownership!

What does it mean to OWN? from every level - mind, body, and spirit

How do you Own who you are, what you have and what you want?
Where are you owning your self, your life, your creations, your path... and where are you not?

Can you do OWN with open hands? Where, when, with-whom is this easy?
Where do you trip on: attachment, resistance, stuck-ness, fleeing, competition, judgment, perfection…?
Can you notice where is is harder to Own with Ease and Grace, and let this BE ok?

How can you own more deeply? from the place of mind, body & spirit:
  • your body, your wellness, fitness, and being consciously in present-time
  • your relationship(s)
  • your family, and how you relate to them - both blood and chosen family
  • your rest, relaxation, reinvigoration
  • your recreation, play, and creativity
  • your sensuality and deliciousness of all your senses
  • your sexual expression and desires
  • your home, your stuff, your transportation
  • your bank account, and other assets
  • your joyful expression of aliveness in the world
  • your career/vocation/contribution to life to the world
  • your spiritual path and your calling in this lifetime
  • your connection with the Divine
Even if you Share these things with others, how can you Own them for Your Self?

Please review all the ideas from last week, from the perspective of owning, instead of perspective of leadership…
When you look from Ownership instead of Leadership, how does this change how you see these areas of your life?

Day before workshop:

Please meditate and journal on all your answers and insights in the last couple weeks: let 2 - 6 areas of your life arise, that you can succinctly name, which you would like to focus-on during the workshop, and in the following weeks and months:
  • Where are you called forward?  
  • What is sparking your creative energy? 
  • What parts of your current life would be so much more fulfilling if you were owning them? 
  • When you focus on Leadership, what draws you?  
Again - choose the top few areas of your life that you want to move forward in Leadership and Ownership, Now.

Hope you Enjoy your process!!!

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