Thursday, November 6, 2014

Do you want to let Blessings IN, but you don't know how?

Blessings of Amazing Abundance and Possibility are around us, all the time and everywhere.
But, many of us are not letting them in!
Most of us, aren't letting IN, all the blessings that we could .

What are the nuts and bolts of Allowing Blessings IN...
into our bodies, our lives, our world?

My belief and experience is:
we Be in the waterfall of these blessings from our Source.
The water, these blessings, get all over us, and every one and every thing near us... and into our dear earth.

If we stay in this flow, stay with this Goodness... our Source fills us Up - all the way UP!
Which takes some time for most of us, because most of us are SO empty!!
But then, when we are FULL, then as we stay in these blessings, they pour out of us continually... as we let our Source keep pouring them in and through us… as fruit of the spirit.

We really do live in a constant flow of Grace, Beauty, Gratefulness, Forgiveness, Mercy... as well as all the Fruit that Paul names in the Christian Bible (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Humilty, Kindness, Self-Control {Seniority}, Faith) - and So Much More!!

WHEN we say YES to the flow, which our Source is always pouring on ALL of us -
At the Same Time, these blessings splash all over everyone we come in contact with!
The more flow we say YES to, the Bigger the flow, the More flow, the more everyone and everything is blessed!

Jesus lived in a Niagara of blessings,
and Everyone near him was transformed.
(unless they were a Big Fat Committed NO NO NO... wonderful, terrible Free Will ; )
…  Jesus showed them how to live this way then, and still he spiritually can show us how to live this way now!

I think it is interesting to note:
  • When we refuse this flow for ourselves, we can't really facilitate this flow for others... Actually, it is even more than that, when we refuse this flow for ourselves, we discourage this flow of blessings for others.
  • On the other hand, when we refuse this flow for others, we can't really have the flow of blessings in ourselves.

SO, for example:
This is why forgiveness is SO very important!
... If we limit goodness for our 'enemies', we limit it in ourselves. Period.

It is not that the Universe does not pour forgiveness on us without end, because it does. But, we can't really let it IN... unless it is a waterfall that splashes on everyone!

If we do not allow the blessing of forgiveness of others, we do not allow blessing of forgiveness in ourselves.
This helps me understand what Jesus said: If you do not forgive, you are not forgiven; if you do forgive, you are forgiven.

It is very important to note:
I am not saying we should TRY to forgive, or believe we forgive, or think about forgiving, or read books about forgiving, or do exercises about forgiving!
I am not saying we should beat ourselves up if we don't want to forgive!
I am not saying we should FEEL any different!

Feeling is body communication, and for most of us, our bodies have been though hell!
Our bodies should feel angry, sad, frustrated, UN-trusting, afraid... whatever they are.
We can meet our bodies where they are, love them, help them be safe, communicate with them, help them heal!!
We Must take care for our bodies!!

And meanwhile, what I am talking about is a spiritual choice - to say YES to God and the blessings of God.
I am speaking of spiritual experience of forgiveness.

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