Monday, November 3, 2014

In your Life Experiment, WHY are you Getting Crappy Results?

Many years go, a friend I love and respect asked me something like this:
Why are you investing So heavily in the theory that
spiritual reality is real,
spiritual healing is possible,
spiritual transformation is the lever you need to shift your life?
At the time, the jury was still out. I had been sick and stuck for about a decade.
I had started investing in my current path, but the rewards hadn’t come yet - I had planted many seeds that hadn’t yet sprouted.
I believed that I was really on to something - and I was!
But very little was yet showing in the outside world.

So, I said to him - I am consciously making an experiment of my life:
  •   Is this spiritual stuff real or isn’t it?
  •   Does being who I AM and following my spiritual senses WORK or NOT?
  •   Is God REAL or not?
  •   Does following my unique spiritual path 'work'?  Does it ‘pay off’ or doesn’t it?
He said - this is a Big Gamble!
What if this doesn’t work out?
What if you are wrong?

I said - it is my life and this is how I choose to invest it
I believe it is worth a try!

And I am so grateful to report, since I started this experiment in earnest Autumn of 2002, it has actually worked-out swimmingly!

Most of us are not conscious that
ALL of us utilize our lives as experiments!

But most of us are not really clear on what we are testing and what results we really want.
We usually take some form of what parents, teachers, peers, authorities, religions, corporations, bankers, and marketers say - their beliefs, limits, expectations, shoulds
And we live THROUGH that - in compliance and/or resistance to this programming.

Sometimes as we get more mature, we get more conscious.
We mean to live through idea(s) of poets, writers, religious thought or doctrine,
or an Ideal like Love, Peace, Joy.
Or a targeted outcome - making a ‘good’ living, a ‘happy’ family life, being a ’nice’ or 'giving’ person

What are you testing?
What are your results?
DO you want an Easier way to get better Results?

How about this:

What would it mean for you to finally walk the path to COME HOME TO YOURSELF?
  •  BE with your body, your desires, your tastes, your delights
  •  Take back your own Free-WIll - own back your will from the education, socialization, ethics, religion, thought and expectations you have been marinating-in, releasing the programming we get packed with.
THEN from the Driver’s Seat of your body, your life, your soul - to really hear, see, touch, taste, smell, know your True Self and your Own Self.
  •  Not who you should BE, but who you ARE.
  •  Not what you should DO, but what your true expression IS.
  •  Not where you should GO, but your Natural Flowing, Shining, Service in the world.
What would that be like for you?
Wanna find out?


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