Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Are you Ready for life to be EASIER? (secret:) You don't have to be GOOD (or bad!)

If we stop trying hard to be GOOD, look good, act good, do good...
we will run amok, our lives will go down-hill.
I let this LIE stop me, do you?

If we stop trying SO hard
to live up to some picture of what Good might be,
being some 'perfect' person living an 'ideal' life:
  • We will be 'in trouble' (even more!), 
  • Our lives will stop 'working' (even more!), 
  • People won't like us (even more!)
It is useful to write this down!
It sounds somewhat feasible in the semi-conscious action of my life,
but consciously, on 'paper' in the Light, the absurdity becomes more obvious!

Are you willing to let your life get messy now and then?

When I clean out my closet (which, admittedly, rarely happens)
But, when I do - my relatively neat room, becomes a complete mess... awash is stuff everywhere!
The, of course, I get rid of some stuff, reorganize, and the room and the closet become more organized.
My efficiency rises, ease rises, aesthetics rise... but only after they take a big dip!

Same with letting go of ACTING Good.
Sure, sometimes thing will get wonky for awhile,
like all real life, in a world of change: life, relationships sometimes get wonky.
This is just par for the course.

We can't Control the vicissitudes of life, of people...
And it makes us crazy to try!

Want to Accept Life more on its own terms? 

I know ALL is One, Light, Love, Whole... spiritually;
But in this World of Opposites, I get Hooked.
I want to Win, I want to be Popular, Loved, Chosen, Right, Successful...
So I try to be Good, or at least Seem Good, Act Good.

But attaching to Good, is just living a Lie.
Life occurs as Black and While, AND everything in between.
Life occurs as Up and Down, AND everything in between.
Life occurs as Good and Bad, AND everything in between.

Do you want to find more Balance?

When we have been holding ourselves SO far to the White for awhile,
it is a natural balancing behavior to go careening off to the Black,
but soon we find a comfortable equilibrium, if we stop holding on SO tight.

A lot of times when we are experiencing big swings,
or fighting to Sta WAY far Left or far Right...
intense complying and/or intense resisting certain realities or parts of ourself.
We get Mighty STUCK in imbalance.

We are Not any more Free in resistance than we are in compliance.
We are Not any more free when we are attached to Up; than when we are avoiding Up, and therefore we have to be Down.

Many times, we find ourselves back and forth along one thin line, with no real choice,
caught in a dichotomy when there is a world of choices out there,
if we could just Lettttt Goooooo...

Are you willing to do your spiritual work today? so you can Enjoy more Rest for the rest of your life?

There is Freedom available for us, spiritually - and this rest can then leak into our physical life.
Let's let go of the yoke of Bondage to Good, and the other Ideals we have a strangle-grip-on.
There is Rest available for our soul, while playing joyfully in this world.

Let us labor to enter that rest, do the spiritual work that only we can do:
  • Free ourselves from the dichotomies of this world,
  • Be ourselves, and 
  • Allow life to be SO Much Easier!

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