Monday, February 29, 2016

Choosing to BE with what IS

Byron Katie says
Stop Arguing with what IS -
she even has a book (which I haven't yet read) called: Stop Arguing with Reality.

This encouragement from her has been an essential in my meditations,
in my spiritual healing and growth.

It doesn’t help anything or anyone, to be in:
  • Resistance - Digging-in my heals
  • Judgment - Making it or them or us wrong
  • Denial - Pretending that what is, isn’t so

These practices and energies don't work in this world;
and they don’t work within us either.
(This doesn't always keep us from practicing ; )

But, we can shift if we choose to.
We Can shift If we Choose to.
What if we start choosing to be with what is?

What if we choose to stop, telling:
  • ourselves,
  • our bodies,
  • our friends and family,
  • our work and play,
  • our world at large,
  • our Earth-game, and
  • our Supreme Intelligence / All-That-IS…
how it should be.
And instead start to notice how it is.

What would happen -
  • in ourselves?
  • in our relationships?
  • in our world?

As we be with what IS,
we get the gift of what IS.

As we be with what IS,
we get the gift of what IS.

then (really only then) things can start to shift:
  • from the inside-out
  • from the foundation-up...

Here is one example -
Regarding our emotions we could:
  • stop telling them that they aren’t what they are, or
  • ignoring them, or
  • trying to cover them over or exchange them for something else.

BTW - emotions have job to do!
They inform us: what is going on with our body? what does it need? what is the communication?

If we won’t honor our emotions, they stick around Forever
- and they build up (get dense, sick, attract vermin ; )
- and they trip us
- and they get in the way of us experiencing and appropriately acting in the here and now…

Whereas, if we say hello to our emotions
- they have informed us, and
- they can waft away on the next breeze.

Yup, it can be that easy!

Here is a great application of the power of being willing to Be with what IS.
How it can shift everything, with a little miracle we can call Forgiveness.
I shared this on my Ascended Master blog a few years ago:
Forgiveness: Not by might nor by power, but by Spirit

in Life!

BTW, I have a Sweet workshop coming up, playing with this theme
second Monday in March, near Seattle Center:


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