Saturday, February 13, 2016

Invitation to upcoming class series: Dare to BE Love!

Dare to BE Love!
A Magical Manifestation Meditation Class Series with Wendy R Wolf

Come to enjoy a high-energy class series;
Full of information, practice-time, sharing, and inspiration;
As well as, meditation practices to help you learn your unique Way, and shift your life.

Realize Spiritual Oneness, in Meditation and in your active, daily life:
  • with All Your Relations – within yourself, with your friends and relations, with sweet Mother Earth, with your Source/All-That-IS
  • consistently accessible, not just a fleeting mystical moment

Experience that you are Whole & Complete, as a Soul Practice:
  • there is nothing wrong with you or them: I'm ok, you're ok, it's ok.
  • you can be in Forgiveness, Trust, Gratefulness... yourself, and with all your relations

Create a Life you Love – from the Inside, Out!

Heal and Create from your Heart, as well as your own True self-expression:
  • give easily from overflow, not from striving
  • access in a new way: your unique gifts to the world of creativity and healing

Deepen in your ability to connect-with others:
  • comfortably & safely, from an open-hearted place
  • already Full of love, so able to act boldly, authentically – meeting them where they are

In addition to all the facets of our usual Soul Tools Class Series...
We will say hello to, and begin to unpack and heal-around:

All our main chakras – but particularly the ones related to Love:
  • Heart Chakra (Affinity),
  • Root Chakra (Reality) and
  • Throat Chakra (Communication)
Many vibrations/spiritual blessings, but especially the ones particularly related to Love:
  • Affinity (experiencing the spiritual-reality of Oneness) and
  • Validation (experiencing the spiritual Truth: all is well and will be well)
Releasing the uncomfortable experiences and limited beliefs that trip us, particularly around Love.

To be clear:
  • We aren't specifically focusing only on Romance in this class-series – as fun as that is! But, if you want to, you can let Yummy Juicy Romantic Love be a cherry on-top of your experience of your multifaceted experience of love!
  • Basically, we will be intending to shift, personally and as a group, to Love Consciousness.

Are you in?

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