Friday, March 10, 2017

Chop Wood, Carry Water: the Body/Spirit Light-filled Dance of the Soul: Part 1 of Radical care for our Bodies and Engagement with our World, as our spiritual practice

Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water;
After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.
–Wu Li

Jesus keeps showing me, over and over, in the last months:

the most necessary thing for 
  • Living IN, 
  • being more FILLED-WITH, 
  • Dancing more AS 
the Light, Love, Truth, Way… Spirit - in this world;

is nurturing care of the body - physically and spiritually.

... Which, BTW, directly leads to nurturing engagement with this world physically and spiritually.


Jesus’ words to me, about this:
Before enlightenment, nurture the body:  After enlightenment, nurture the body.

Why does caring for our body matter SO much? 

  • Because for our body to hold SO much Light, ever more Light (there is no end to this practice! ; )
  • Our body Must be strong, have integrity... be healed, supported, nurtured, beloved, coordinated-with /co-created-with /communicated-with (and there is no end to this practice! ;)

The body-spirit relationship IS the dance of our Soul in this Universe. 
It IS the game - neither body nor spirit can be left behind. 

IF we want to play, 
IF we want to win, 
IF we want to Master this incredible opportunity of Life on this planet (which affects us and all realities throughout and beyond time);
We must fully engage body and spirit to partner in this world, together.

In life!

(Want more? you just read part 1 : )

Radical care for our Bodies and Engagement with our World, as our spiritual practice
Part 1 - Chop Wood, Carry Water: the Body/Spirit Light-filled Dance of the Soul
Part 2 - Engagement with our World 
Part 3 - Radical care for our Bodies
Part 4 - Amazing Gifts of Living IN the body, in this Reality 

This is great stuff all on its own

but it just so happens to be my overarching vision for a retreat I am offering this spring:

Everyone resonating for 3 days in:
- easeful, fun & graceful
- community, meditation, learning & practicing sessions, private healing sessions, melting into nature, private-time, connection-time...
Please check it out!


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  1. You hit the spot today with your blogs. I spend a lot of time focusing on hubby. He thinks (I! that he is running out of time. I can barely keep up with him... trying to make sure he eats sleeps ecetera. And even though we have two houses, one, Ricky's folks have lived in since he bought...they are elderly and in poor health, we are here now but not great beds, etc. Other house, 100 miles away, ..son living and girl with child... building another house beside that one (husband in construction, have built with salvaged everything from previous jobs) but haven't hooked up water and electricity yet.... have lights but have to run next door for water/ bathroom ... LoL!.... anyway, not homeless, just not the most comfortable circumstances just yet. Anyway, hubby trying to work on all these houses... I just want to go to the coast and eat, not really. I'm wanting to write my own blog. Hubby thinks/sees that writing comes pretty easily but I need a few things to facilitate... takes more effort to concentrate and some quiet time. But he needs me... I guess I will keep doing what I do... love you, my friend, Wendy.💙💙💙pam