Friday, March 10, 2017

Radical care for our Bodies : Part 3 of Radical care for our Bodies and Engagement with our World, as our spiritual practice

If you haven't already, please see Part 1

It is essential, as we learn to BE the Light in this world, 
that we invest-in
Radical care for our bodies
Engagement with our World,
AS our an integral part of our spiritual practice.

so let's talk more about what makes all this possible...

Radical care for our bodies 

No matter if our path draws us to be engaged in the world a little or a lot,
If we want to behold and reflect the Light, and realize that we ARE the Light,
we Must care-for, heal, support, balance, strengthen… our body, and how our body relates to this reality.

Spiritually, we must repair our relationship with our body and with this reality.
The layers of this healing go deep and wide, and often take a long time heal.

It is vital, as we bring In the Light into the world:
  • Spiritually, allowing our bodies to be cleansed, held, nurtured, validated, transformed… and 
  • Physically, doing what the body needs to be cleansed, held, nurtured, validated, transformed…

The higher and more we want to BE the Light, and SHINE the Light, 
the More support the physical body needs.

Of course we know, spiritually, we are already ONE with Spirit, with ALL - we are already Light (Love, Truth, Life…)
But here on the physical, it is our joy and our challenge to:
  • Enjoy Life, Abundantly WITH the world of dichotomies - life/death, love/hate, truth/lie, light/dark, I/Thou…
  • Engage Life, Abundantly ON sandbox earth - playing, investing our energy, time and resources INTO this world: creating, creating, creating… destroying, destroying, destroying... repeat.
  • Learn Life, Abundantly WITHIN schoolhouse earth - practicing, falling and rising, iterating, maturing, becoming who we ARE INTO the World...
  • Dance Life, Abundantly IN the Change Game - healing, growing, transforming, evolving... in a world (collectively and individually) that is doing the same.

Blessings on your Unique Path,

(Want more? you just read part 3 : )

Radical care for our Bodies and Engagement with our World, as our spiritual practice
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This is great stuff all on its own

but it just so happens to be my overarching vision for a retreat I am offering this spring:

Everyone resonating for 3 days in:
- easeful, fun & graceful
- community, meditation, learning sessions, private healing sessions, melting into nature, private-time, connection-time...
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