Friday, March 10, 2017

Amazing Gifts of Living IN the body, in this Reality : Part 4 of Radical care for our Bodies and Engagement with our World, as our spiritual practice

If you haven't already, please see Part 1

It is essential, as we learn to BE the Light in this world, 
that we invest-in
Radical care for our bodies
Engagement with our World,
AS our an integral part of our spiritual practice.

so let's talk more about the Amazing gifts of this process:

BEing the Light in this world

SO, again - 
Our spiritual need is supplied within, IN our soul - not from outside ourselves, in the world; 
AS (and then) we meet the physical aspect of our needs IN the Physical World.

This shows up in every aspect of our lives, including how we Experience, BE, and ACT in:
  • Belonging, fitting into our tribe, survival, work/career, finances, self-care;
  • Body relationship & needs, emotional balance & wellness - comfortable communication with the body, sex, desire, senses, sensuality, savoring art & culture;
  • Empowerment, boundaries, regaining our free-will and learning how to apply it;
  • Loving, experiencing the Oneness that is always our spiritual reality, connection with this reality and All our Relations;
  • Saying our Truth & hearing others, Creating our Life, Art & Healing into the world, living-in efficacious stories - mental wellbeing;
  • Seeing what IS and being seen in this world, resting in the driver's seat of our body/life;
  • Being with the Holy One, Knowing how to bring Spirit... Wisdom, Truth, Light, Life, Love into the Body... Knowing what is, and being known in this world.

Living IN the body, in this Reality is a HUGE GIFT

With respect, those who do not grok this are missing the joy of this existence

- some miss it because so body-focused, physical reality-bound, they do not experience themselves as spirit embodied, or this world as a mystical arena.
- some miss it because so ethereal, they want to be so 'spiritual', they are not fully here in their time/space, they pay no attention to the body, have no deep engagement with this reality,  they do not experience themselves as spirit embodied.
- some are doing both, at the same time - which is Really No Fun ; )

What a sad, sad situation, 
because most of us are missing the Point of life, and 
missing the GLORY and DELIGHT of life.
  • To be enlightened, is to be actively Light (Love, Truth, Life... Spirit) IN the Body
  • To be a spiritual Master in this Earth Game, is to learn to enjoy manifesting Life (Love, Truth, Light... Spirit) IN the Body, IN this reality (on earth as it is in heaven ; )

We ARE Already, and we have all of eternity to BE Light. 
We only have our time in the Body, to treasure the delicious experience of Life -> Light, Love, Truth... Spirit - IN the Body! IN this World!

To live life turned-on, ALIVE and in the game…
To do this comfortably, our bodies need validation, attention, intention, time, energy, and resources.

We must Invest in the temple, the vessel, the body - if we want to bring in more Light.
Light into our bodies, and into this world (Beholding and Reflecting as in a mirror the Glory)

This is the beauty of this Life,
for us to consciously engage at a soul-level:
to know spirit and body, to weave spirit ON earth.

And this is So Good!
All of this (Radical care for our Bodies and Engagement with our World)
is as important as arms outstretched on the mountaintop,
or sitting in meditation/prayer, experiencing the ONEness.

Such a Blessing is this life in the body! 
- the more we own-it, the more of a blessing it is, to engage this body and this reality.

I pray each one of us engages Life, as deeply as we can each day - increasing our capacity, iterating our experience, and sharing of the Light in our world.


Blessings on your Unique Path,

(Want more? you just read part 4 - miss anything? : )

Radical care for our Bodies and Engagement with our World, as our spiritual practice
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This is great stuff all on its own

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