Friday, March 10, 2017

Engagement with our World : Part 2 of Radical care for our Bodies and Engagement with our World, as our spiritual practice

If you haven't already, please see Part 1

Basically, it says:

It is essential, as we learn to BE the Light in this world, 
that we invest-in
Radical care for our bodies
Engagement with our World,
AS our an integral part of our spiritual practice.

so let's talk more about...

Engagement with our World

Some are called to be a monastic  - but less and less of us. 
More and more of us (this means You : ) who would have been monastics, 
instead we are learning to find a different soul balance:

Jesus called this IN the world, but not OF the world 
- to be Living Identified as Spirit, 
Fully Engaged IN the world, 
but not Identified WITH this world.

Our spiritual need is supplied within, IN our soul - not from outside ourselves, in the world; 
AS (and then) we meet the physical aspect of our needs IN the Physical World.

SO, for example:

We can be filled with love, spiritually, filled up, and overflowing with love - to all around us - spiritually.
Spiritually, our need for love is met - we are filled with Love, we ARE love.

Meanwhile, we BE love in the world, we DO love in the world.
Naturally/then we dance love IN this world, with all our relations - in ways that are real in the world.

    SO - what does this Mean?  What does it look-like when our Body & Spirit Team gets it together?
    • Showing up - Present and engaged, here and now, with what is, with all our cylinders firing.
    • Being Captain of our Life - Taking the Helm, in charge of ourselves and our space (our body and our energy system), and Acting into the world as we chose (instead of reacting)
    • Playing to WIN - Kicking Ass - playing our Own Game, full-out (our Calling, our Unique Path: the Game we are Here to Play, that only we can play!)

    And this is SO Good, such a Blessing when we as spirit fully engage with our world!
    - the more we own-it, the more and more of a blessing it is to be here on this earth.
    - the less we own it, it can feel like a curse to walk this earth (nasty, brutish, short...)
    So, Let's Own it!

    Blessings on your Unique Path,

    (Want more? you just read part 2 : )

    Radical care for our Bodies and Engagement with our World, as our spiritual practice
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    This is great stuff all on its own

    but it just so happens to be my overarching vision for a retreat I am offering this spring:

    Everyone resonating for 3 days in:
    - easeful, fun & graceful
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